Global Goal 2: No Hunger

                                                  Global Goal 2: No Hunger

                                                      By: Ashlyn Graham

What is no hunger? It’s global goal 2. No hunger means that nobody is hungry or starving or something. Basically. No hunger is important because then nobody will be starving or hungry so then people can live a good life so then they can actually live. No hunger is important.


                                                   So what is it, basically?

Everybody knows what hunger is-you’re hungry. Well, we don’t want any of that with global goal 2. So global goal 2 wants us to achieve people being hungry to make them not hungry.

                                         What’s so important about no hunger?

Obviously no hunger is important so then nobody gets hungry, because being hungry is definitely never ever good.


So in conclusion, no hunger is a important topic because then nobody would be hungry. This is what global goal 2: No Hunger means and what it is about.

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