What are global goals? Why are they so important? Why should we try to reach these goals?

      What are global goals?

             By: Ashlyn Graham

Global goals are these things. They’re goals that make the world better. We should reach the global goals so then the world is totally epic. Here are a list of the global goals:
1. No Poverty

  1. No Hunger

3.Good Health

  1. Quality Education (which means GET HOMESCHOOLED, PEOPLE!)
  2. Gender Equality (which means girls are better than boys)
  3. Clean Water And Sanitation
  4. Renewable Energy
  5. Good Jobs And Economic Growth
  6. Innovation And Infrastructure
  7. Reduced Inequalities
  8. Sustainable Cities And Communities
  9. Responsible Consumption
  10. Climate Action
  11. Life Below Water
  12. Life On Land
  13. Peace And Justice
  14. Partnerships For The Goals

If you have any questions about why we use global goals and what they mean, put in their number and I’ll get back to you with my best answer as soon as I can. Check back every day to see what other people comment, please!


Again, why are global goals so important, anyway? Global goals can help the world be cleaner, safer, happier, awesomer, and smarter. In conclusion, these are the reasons why we should probably try to help reach the global goals. -Ash G., Saydoth Wanda Graham, Charm, and Luckie Clever Clover the 1st


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