March 17


We had no school Tuesday or Wednesday and a half day today. I played lots of video games but my favorite part of all was watching what is now my new favorite movie. Hacksaw Ridge. The movie is about a on the battle field medic. He is determined to save lives. And stays over night to find wounded soldiers that he can help. He saved 75 men by lowering them down a cliff by rope. It was a true story about a man named Dennis.


Have you seen Hacksaw Ridge? Comment.

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3 thoughts on “SNOWDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  1. Harley online

    Hello Conner
    No I haven’t seen Hacksaw Ridge but it sounds like a good movie. I think I would kinda be like the medic because I also want to save lives when i’m older but not human lives animal lives, I want to be a vet when i’m older, I wanted to since I was 5 years old.
    Sincerely Harley online

  2. Andrew maccoll

    dear Conner I have not seen hacksaw ridge before but it sounds great I will look for it. Where I live we do not have snow days I live in cairns Australia. I hope to hear more about your snow days.come and check out my blog. bbbbbbbyyyyyyyyyyyyeeeeeeeeeeee


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