December 8

J.K. Rowling ROCKS!!!

     J.K. Rowling  is and should be recognized! But why should you read her books?  

    Have you caught yourself thinking that there isn’t anything to read. Well, thats where your wrong! If you like fantasy and magic than you should definitely read Harry Potter. J.K. Rowling is by far my favorite author. In the first book [ of eight ] the first couple of chapters may be boring or confusing even. But keep reading and it gets good.If you don’t like reading you can still experience the wonders of the wizarding world. There are movies! But, in my opinion the books are better.   

The series is about a boy living with his aunt and uncle who are quite unpleasant. His parents were killed by the most powerful wizard of all time but for some very odd reason couldn’t kill him and as a result left him with a scar shaped like a lightning bolt. One day the boy receives a letter from the wizarding school Hogwarts.But he doesn’t know that cause his uncle snatches it from his hands and don’t let him see it cause they don’t want him to become a wizard. But I can’t tell you everything that would ruin the fun of reading it.

Believe it or not the books have sold over 400 million copies. Rowling was born in Yate,Gloucestershire,England. Her mother died in the middle of the first book. She was in a restaurant when she came up with her ideas.And guess what! She started to take notes and wrote a tiny draft on NAPKINS! She went from being poor to being a millionaire! The first book came out in 1997 and the last one-The Deathly Hallows- came out in 2007. And a new series -Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them- has been made into a movie. Rowling has also written four books for adults. If you haven’t read The Harry Potter Books please do.    

Click on J.K. Rowling for where I got my info and click on The Harry Potter Books for The Books and if you would like to order them go ahead.

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