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Meeting Derek Carr

Meeting Derek Carr

By: Owen U

Once upon a time I had a dream where I always wanted to meet Derek Carr. He’s a NFL quarterback for the Oakland Raiders. He’s my favorite player on the team other than Khalil Mack. But Derek Carr was one of the best quarterback last year, we made it to the playoffs but the game right before the playoffs he broke his leg, since he couldn’t play the rest of the season we lost the first game of the playoffs against the Houston Texans.


While I was watching one of the Raiders game out of nowhere comes my dad and DEREK CARR just walking in my room! I was like “Is that Derek Carr” I couldn’t believe it, Derek Carr was in my room! After were all done meeting each other out of nowhere my dad says “Do you want to go with me and him to Oakland and meet the other Raiders player” I actually fainted. I couldn’t believe it, I was going to meet the whole Raiders team!


We finished packing and we went to the airport and we took the plane that went to Oakland Alameda Coliseum, that’s where the Oakland Raiders play there games.


We finally landed there and I was so excited to meet the Raiders players. It took a while to drive there because we landed at the nearest airport but it still took 2 hours to get there. When I was sleeping my dad woke me up by saying that “we’re here”. I was nervous at first but when I finally got to meet them I was like they were brothers to me. The one day I got to practice with them, it was one of the best practices ever. The footballs they play with is huge! I had to throw it with both of my hands. But sadly the day was over. But they had a game tomorrow and was going to be on the sidelines with them!  


It was a sunday, gameday. We were facing the Washington Redskins.  We all knew that it would be a really good game because they would be a good competition. Start of the 1st quarter, KICKOFF. We were kicking off to them. They only got to the 15 yard line. We stop them and the Redskins punted it off and everyone got their hopes up because Jalen Richard had open field but didn’t run to the open field and he got tackled and only got to the 45 yard line and could have scored a touchdown. Are line up is good we have good lineman, good wide receivers and a good quarterback. We have a good team.


While Derek Carr and his team was playing I was talking to Khalil Mack on the sidelines. While we were talking All we hear is TOUCHDOWN RAIDERS! Everyone went crazy. I all wanted to know is who scored the touchdown. So the special teams went on and I asked Derek Carr who scored and he said “Seth Roberts did”. I replied “Nice”. So the score is 7 – 0 were winning as we go to the 3rd quarter. We receive the ball this time because we kicked off to them the first quarter.


As the time went by the game ended and the Raiders have lost 21-14. So me and my dad went back to the hotel and packed our stuff and said goodbye to the Raiders and left. We would of stayed longer if the Raiders would of won.


So we got back to Pennsylvania and finish to unpack. Because we got back so late we went right to bed.


        The End

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