May 21

Pumpkin Spice

         Pumpkin Spice


Once upon a time there were four boys. Owen, Jackson, Jace and then there’s me Dylan Wineski. And this is my story on how we survived pumpkin spice. It was October 31st 1998. Me and my friends we’re out trick or treating. And we decided to take a shortcut through some woods that would get us to the best neighborhood ever! So we were walking through the woods and I was the furthest behind so I couldn’t really see anything. Then around 9:30 or so I start to hear footsteps behind me. I didn’t want to look behind me because I was too scared. Then all the sudden the footsteps go away and didn’t hear them the rest of the night. But that wasn’t the end of it. We start to see a very bright light in front of us. We get closer and closer until we notice the legend about pumpkin spice is true. Owen, Jace and jackson all start running. I was way too scared to run. It felt like I was frozen. Then pumpkin spice tried to grab me but that was the point I ran. I didn’t know I ran the wrong way from my friends. So I ended up near a cabin in the woods. I go to enter it to see if my friends were in there. I call for there names 3 times but I got no response. Until the 4th time they were calling my name saying they were in the bathroom. I start to walk toward the bathroom slowly. I get to the bathroom and open the door slowly and that was the most scariest moment of my life. It was pumpkin spice standing right at the door and he was impersonating my friends voices. I passed out on the ground and that was the last I saw that cabin. I woke up tied to a chair in a very dark room with only a lantern lighting up the room. Then I start to hear footsteps coming my way. There were at least 6 pairs of feet coming my way. The door opens and it turns out it was just my friends. They untie me and we start to run back home but pumpkin spice saw us. He starts to run after us. We run behind a tree and hide. I take a stick and as pumpkin spice was running I come out with the stick and whack him on the head with it. We start to run because pumpkin spice was knocked out cold. We get out of those woods and we started to make a run for it to get to home. I look back at the woods and see pumpkin spice waving at me then he disappears into in air.    



-Pumpkin Spice

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