May 25

See Ya Blog Challenge, Till Next Year Week 10 Blog Challenge

I have 52 post in total, and have 29 of those are school based post. I have 66 comments in total but the most comments on a post is my Stephen Curry biography because I think that Steph Curry is really famous and he is like by 75% of the world. I like writing the Unlucky Fortune because it’s with 3 of my friends and it is fun to write. Check out my friends blogs at Luke’s Blog, Jackson’s Blog, and Connor’s Blog. I didn’t change my blog theme at all because I liked the background and it just fit me. I have 17 widgets and I think that it is too many because some of the widgets I don’t even need for my blog. But I think they look cool so that’s why I keep them. I have 277 oversea visitors and most of them are from USA. I have 8 web tools and I used google slides, powtoon, toondoo and powerpoint. Well that’s all and I hope to be in the student blog challenge next year, BYE!!!

May 18

Thank You!!

Thank you you guys for 200 visitors from the USA, and visiting my blog. For the other people out there that’s from a different country get me to 100 visitors from where ever you are. My goal now is to get 300 visitors from USA, well goodbye now and thank you very much and enjoy the rest of your day.

May 17

Unlucky Fortune Part 5


If you haven’t read part 1,2,3 or 4 please do so before reading this or you will be very confused.

“ Owen and Connor, we totally forgot about school.” said Ashton “Well looks like we’re not going to graduate.” I said. “ Dude we’re in 4th grade. This doesn’t affect our graduation.” Jackson said in reply. “ We do need to get back to school though. We can’t tell my Dad until this nonsense is over. So we’re gonna live in an R.V and if anyone asks where we will be then tell them we were on vacation. Ok?” “Ok.” replied everyone.


So after our train ride home we went to school the next day and everyone hammered us with questions. We had a sub teacher and I thought she looked familiar but Connor and Owen thought they didn’t look familiar so I just let it go. About 2 hours past when I realized that someone was staring at me. Then Connor came up to me and he said “ I do think that teacher looks familiar, the student teacher looks familiar too.” “I just realized something, Izabella is disguised as the teacher and Olivia is the student teacher.” replied Jackson. “I see now. It makes a lot more sense. But what do we do now? Make a break for it at recess?” Later that day Jackson, Connor, Owen, and Ashton were out at recess.  “I guess it’s now or never” said Connor.


“NO!” I yelled. “We need proof first.” “Why?” said Ashton. “ Because if we just run off people will come for us.” I replied. As the whistle blew we went into lunch.I told Ashton, Connor and Owen to wait outside in the hallway incase anything happens. The sub teacher let everyone into lunch except for me. That’s when I knew the sub was Izabell. “You know who I am Jackson”.  Then she threw a chair at me and I got a cut from the side of my nose to the bottom of my ear. I yelled and told them to come in quick, and to drag me to the nurse. On the way there I told them that I thought I broke my leg. As I got to the nurse’s office we told them that I got a chair thrown at me by the Sub teacher and she gave me an ice pack and said “Here have an ice pack, and next time you are going to get a chair thrown at you make sure to grab an ice pack first. ”“ I will definitely do that next time ma’am.” I replied sarcastically,.


“Is it just me or do the nurses even care about what happened or do they just give you an ice pack?” said Ashton “ Probably the first one” replied Connor “I have a problem” said Owen. “Here’s an ice pack.” replied the nurses.  As a ice pack came down the hallway and hit Owen in the back of the head. He said  “My problem is now solved.” As he picked himself up from the ground. “She didn’t even know my problem.”


That’s when I told them that the sub teacher was definitely Izabella and the student teacher is Olivia So I went down to the recess doors and I gathered everyone there. I said let’s make a run for it. As soon as we opened the doors I fell and said “My leg hurts too much to run. Someone needs to carry me to the Emergency Room across the street.” Was that ice pack not enough for you?”  replied Ashton. “Very funny.” I said snapped back. So when we were halfway there you could hear the recess doors slam again. It was Isabella and Olivia. You could even see the rest of our class peaking around the corner of the wall.


At that very moment I chose to suck up the pain and I yelled to everyone “ Put me down we are all gonna run!” As we bolted across the street to get to the Emergency Room you could hear the stampede like sound of Isabella and Olivia trailing behind us. “Connor and Jackson, you two make a break for it and me and Owen will hold them off.” said Ashton with a whole lot of anxiety. As they stalled Izabella and Olivia we made it to the Emergency Room. My nurse did a great job and she gave me a cast. I limped home and on the way there I ran into Izabella she told me these words “I have your friends, if you ever want to see them again come to my house.”


Connor tackled Izabella and got her phone. He called Olivia and in a low voice he said “ I have Jackson’s fortune so you can let his friends go.” “Why” replied Olivia? “Because…”


To Be Continued…

May 17

The Legend About Light and Dark


By: Owen

One day a long time ago there was light and dark and they were separated from each side of the earth, but one day they came to each others side to take over each other’s side, so there they were fighting, the Light and Dark to see if there is 24 hours of dark or light or 8 hours of dark and light. And out of nowhere the sky starts talking “ Guys stop fighting! We are going to have a competition to see if there will be more light or dark.” So they both agreed and they were suppose to be here tomorrow at 8:30 sharp.


The next day came and they were ready to do this competition. So the sky spoke and said  there challenge “ The challenge is to create a symbol and make it useful in the world, on your marks get set go!” So the light created this painting called the sun, the dark created the painting called the moon. So then they came to life and the sun and the moon said, “Thank you for letting us out and it was all a trick and the sky helped us out.” So the light and the dark were so frustrated with the sky that they teamed up and took on the sky and sun, “But what about the moon” exclaimed sun. “I’m on the light and dark side” Said the moon.


So the moon and the sun fought with their powers that would send them far far away into the space. A couple days later they were still fighting and then the moon reached the top. He was gonna use his special power that sent them to another galaxy, so the moon used it on the sun and the sky and the moon opened the portal to the other galaxy and sucked the sun and sky right in but before they were sucked in the sun said “ I’ll get you three some day.” The moon use his last two powers to turn the light into the Sun and the Dark into the Moon. So he used it and the became the sun and the moon. Then the moon said “ Sun you will get 24 hours of day and Moon you will get 8 hours of night, then he randomly disappeared


                 2 Years later…


“I’m Baaack” the sun said

                          THE END!

May 16

Unlucky Fortune Part 4


If you haven’t read 1,2,or 3 then read them now or else you’ll be very confused.


  “Connor get Owen and come over to my hotel now. No questions asked.” So as Connor and Owen arrived, we started discussing what we were going to do about Isabella and Olivia. We decided that first we had to stick together.“Wait, Jackson can’t we just tell your dad about the situation.” suggested Owen. “Oh yeah, let’s tell my dad that we were paranormal hunters and were being chased by a crazy lady and we almost died. He’s going to believe us 100%.” I said sarcastically. “So what will we do!?!” exclaimed Connor.



As soon as Connor mentioned that nobody knew what to do. A split second later a cop pulled up right in front of us. “Have any of you seen these two girls?” He said in a very deep voice. Sure enough it was a picture of Isabella and Olivia. I answered “We didn’t see them lately but we were the kids that helped you guys arrest Izabell.” I also quoted “She said that Olivia and I will come back for you Owen, Connor, Ben and Ashton.” The cop responded and said “If they actually do come back for you, the first thing you should do is call us. “Got it” Owen replied. “What should we do Jackson.” Connor asked. Jackson replied “Go find Olivia and Isabella.” “How?” Owen said. “We go to where their last sighting was and we go there because they couldn’t have gotten too far, everyone agree.” Jackson replied. Everyone agreed but right after that they heard a scream, so they went to check it out.


They asked what happened and the girl said “I saw two girls and they looked like this.” She pulled a picture of them she took on her phone, it was a picture of Isabella and Olivia. So we asked which way they went and she gave us directions. We went the way she told us to, and we tried to sneak up on her. Sure enough they were standing there and Izabella said “ I told you we would meet again. I still want your fortune Jackson, and I won’t stop chasing you until I get it.” “ I would love to keep this splendid chat going, but I am going to use the restroom.” replied Jackson.


I had my phone on me, so I called the cops and told them where we were. They came immediately. Somehow they managed to escape. During her escape she said “ I still want you and your fortune.”


To Be Continued…