May 21

The Unknown



Hi my name is Sam and this is my story on how I survived the unknown. I was age 19 at the time and tomorrow was my birthday. I worked in a sewage place to get rid of all the alligators there. I was a alligator hunter. It was around 11:23 when I see a really dark thing in the water. I jump in but it disappeared. I try to get back up to the surface but something pulled me back under. Then I see the thing open it’s huge mouth but in the nick of time I grab a piece of broken glass and stab him in the eye. I swim back up and I got on the surface this time. I looked at my watch and it was 11:59 one more minute till I was 20. The thing was on the sealing and it jumps off right at me but when he touches me he shatters into a million pieces. I went home and research the thing I was fighting. And it called the unknown and it hates teenagers so I guess when he touched me I was 20 and he can’t kill adults. This is what i’m guessing. Hope you guys enjoyed this because that was the most scariest thing in my life.     

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