May 21


Hello everyone, I have an announcement to make. Me and my two other friends are bringing back a clan that was not very popular and we are trying to make it grow and become a bigger army. It is called F2G. (Faithful to the Grind) Me and a bunch of my other friends created it but now we all spilt up and went our owns ways so now we are bringing it back. We only have three members. F2G Foooz, Geo and Onxy. I’m F2G Foooz so go check out my channel on youtube. We also do any platform because Onxy is a xbox player when me and Geo are PS4 players.


So if you guys want to join and you know what fortnite is and have an account then put your epic name down in the comment section so I can add you whenever me or whoever can play you.


To get in the clan you will have to beat one of us and if you do you are now in F2G. But it’s best out of three in a 1v1 or if you have another friend we can 2v2 when possible.


I will be making a F2G website soon so keep updated for that it will have all the information you need.


So good luck and I hope to meet you guys soon, have a good day.

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