May 21

Raiders Beat the Steelers

Oakland Raiders

By: Owen Usner

The oakland raiders beat the pittsburgh steelers 21-24 and now were 3-10. I’m happy we won but my mom and dad got to go to the game in oakland when were in pennsylvania. Ok so if you didn’t watch the game i’ll tell you about it. Doug Martin scored the first touchdown so were up 0-7. But the steeler get to maybe the 15 yard line and chris boswell goes for the field goal and misses which is huge in this game for later on. So we get ball back didn’t do anything but then the steelers score. So were tied 7-7. We get the ball back again and do nothing. We get a field goal next possession so we’re up 7-10 A couple seconds left and big ben throughs to juju and they get a touchdown right before halftime. So there up 14-10. So this is where the game starts to change. Thh steelers score a touchdown so there winning 21-10. But the raiders ain’t going down without a fight. We also score a touchdown but were still not in field goal points yet. So we stop them on the next possession forcing them to punt. Were on the goal line and we keep getting stuffed, so now it’s 4th and goal at the 12 yard line with 26 seconds to go. They snap the ball carr looking throwing and it’s caught for a touchdown. Raiders are now winning 21-24. And that was the final score. The raiders beating the steelers.


                        THE END   

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