October 5

The Message


This concept is based on a daughter and a dad messaging together.      By: Josh and Jace

Daughter’s            Dad’s

     side                   side




I feel weird.

idk why though.  


Why has mom not been

at our house for awhile?            “Problems Honey.”



                                                               Me and mom have

                                                               Have been getting                                  

                                                                In fights.




There is a girl watching me

But she does not see.

                                                           Stay calm!

I Don’t see her



OMG She’s

Banging on

The door!                                                             

                                                                   Dont answer.

I know.


Someone just texted


                                                                      Dont answer

                                                                     Whatever you



                                                                     Because i know

                                                                       Who this is




Why can’t you

Tell me?                       

                                                                     None of your


Whatever, i’m shaking.

The girl keeps texting me!                        



You know what i am, because

You’re doing nothing.


                               THE RANDOM GIRL




                                                                         I know what

                                                                         What you



                                                                       Pugs are Your

                                                                         Favorite dog.

How did you know


                                                               I know all about



                                                                    I like taylor

                                                                     Swift too.



Stop talking to me!

                                                                           I’M Coming!


                                                               In your house!


Please don’t.                       

                                                           Just to hang out.

Im calling the

Cops right now

They said they will

Be here in 5 minutes.

                                                                 I have 5 minutes

                                                                    To hang out

                                                                       With you

                                                                     Let’s play hide

                                                                     And seek!

OK your not coming in.                  


                                                               I know your

                                                               Favorite spot!                           

 Then i will go

Somewhere else.                                 i know were you

                                                                  Are gonna go.

We’re not going to play.

                                                                      You’re funny!




                                                                     I’m coming!




Hey i’m back!


Not really she’s about

To come in.

                                                                   I left work i’m


I still wonder about


                                                             We have to

                                                          worry about this.


                                                        What did she say?

She knows all

About me.


How do you


                                                         I have to tell you.


                                                                  The girl your

                                                               Wondering about

                                                                Is your mom.



                                                           Ever since we broke

                                                          Up she wanted you

                                                           Not in a good way.



She is screaming and

Trying to knock the

Door down!!!


                                                                       Hide, now.

She knows my spot.

                                                            Don’t hide there



                                                      Just hide until the

                                                        Cops come.

They should come any



I’m hiding in where

We store our food

Up on the top shelf.


   She is ringing the

Doorbell & yelling to

Come in.


OMG she just bust

In. I am about

To throw up.                                                 Stay calm

                                                                       Whatever you


She just went down

Stairs where my spot is.


She is tearing everything

Down and crying & screaming.

         You there?   


She is in the kitchen right

Now she is breaking everything.


   She’s coming in!!!!

She doesn’t see me,

She walked in looked

up at me

But did

not see me.


Should i get off of the shelves 

                                                             I don’t know

  I think she’s outside                

I’m jumping down



   I jumped


    Oh nooooooo! she

Is right there, she got

      me cornered!!


      I’m in this small

         Area it’s pitch



          I’m in a car,

           “Mom’s car.”

                                                                     Do you know                     

                                                                        Where she is

                                                                            Taking you?  



                                                                            Look outside

                                                                            The window.

I Can’t im in

The back.

                                                                          Is it locked?

I don’t know.

                                                                    Mom forgets to

                                                                            Lock things.

OMG it’s unlocked!

I’m jumping out!                                           Don’t make

                                                                              It obvious





Ok, I’m out.

I don’t think

She noticed.                                                     Good.


Wait… I think she

Is stopping.


                                                                     To Be Continued…

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  1. Eddie M

    WOW! that story was great! I was on the edge of my seat. KEep it up looking forward to more.

    Eddie M. from Texas


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