October 8

The Global Goals

The Global Goals are world goals that we are trying to accomplish by 2030. But if we don’t then it gets worse and worst and keeps on getting worst. There are 17 goals. These are the Global Goals!



There are important because it’s the whole world not just our country. And that’s why we need everyone to help. Because if one person is doing it they don’t want to fly 10 times a day. That’s why we  need everyone’s help no matter where you are. I know you guys can can do it. Make sure to tell your school about it or maybe even blog about it like I did. Comment down below the goal you want to accomplish. My is life below water and that’s what I’ll be talking about in the next blog post. See Ya later.

September 23

Billy Bob Adventures Part 1

Hi my name is Billy Bob, and this is my story on how we destroyed natural disasters, hope you enjoy. 


It was a tuesday morning and Billy Bob was going out to the farm like he always did with his son Billy Bob Jr. They went out there all day to make their butter sculptures. Billy Bob Jr goes for an handful of butter he see and purple stone that said, 4 wishes only, but be careful because you can never return on what wished for. Billy Bob Jr put the stone in his pocket and returned to making butter sculpture.


They head inside for a lunch break. They came back out and saw that the butter was all melted into butter you can drink. They went back inside and spent the rest of their day inside. The next morning they took a day off to go to the beach. When they get there they found this perfect spot to sit. They got in the water and saw this huge wave coming. Every lifeguard there yells “TSUNAMI” they got out of the water and got back in there car and got away as fast as they can. As they are driving they feel the ground start to shake and out of nowhere a huge hole on the ground appears. Billy Bob slams on the brake and says everyone out. They stand on top of the car and Billy Bob says “jump”. They jumped and grabbed on to a megalodons fin and drifted all the way back to their house.


They get inside and smell like something was on fire. They go upstairs and see the whole upstairs is on fire. They get back on their megalodon and left from Chicago to Texas.


They wandered around for awhile because they never went to Texas. They started to feel high speed winds and then it started to downpour. They went and took shelter because Billy Bob knew it was coming from his everyday news on the tv. It was a hurricane Bobby that was hitting. They waited and waited for it to pass but it just wouldn’t. It took 4 weeks to pass. But the floods went all the way up the skyscraper. They were on there megalodon and looked back at Chicago and they looked at each other and said “Let’s go”. They went there and never returned.


       To Be Continued…        

September 23

Just Kidding :) Billy’s Bob Adventure

       Just Kidding Billy Bob didn’t die


They went to Chicago and saw a little boy and his name was Mr. Billy Bob which weirded them out because he had the same name as them. So then they got back on there megalodon and went to go on their cruise ship the booked today. It was named the titanic. They had to leave there megalodon because the wouldn’t let him on.  They got on and after a while a really loud noise goes off. Then you hear the captain speaking “We’ve been hit by an iceberg I repeat we’ve been hit by an iceberg”! Billy Bob Jr put his fingers in his mouth and blew. He whistled to call over the megalodon. The megalodon pops out of nowhere and they get on his back and head to the nearest place. North Carolina .


                  The End


         Part 2 Coming Soon!   

         Here’s a sneak peak

Billy Bob Jr asked where they were. “Africa” said Billy Bob.

There are so many animals here. Look there’s a bamboo house, let’s go check it out. AHHHHHHHH. They take a moment to realize what they have done.  Were in so much trouble Billy Bob Jr.

September 23

Raiders Documentary #1

Alrighty let’s get to work. If you guys are a raiders fan than make sure you visit this blog every week monday and friday at 10:00 eastern time for a documentary on the raiders for there big games.


Ok this week we play the dolphins. There 2-0 and were 0-2 but that doesn’t matter. The dolphins played the worst teams for their first 2 games, we played good teams. But if we’re gonna win we’re gonna have to stop there running game because against the broncos was terrible. Phillip Lindsay and Royce Freeman just ran it all over us. Our cornerbacks need to stop giving up pass interference and letting them get easy 1st downs. Now let’s get to the broncos game. I just wanna say they should not of won that game. Ok listen to this story, I was out in my garage with my dad and brother and my dad’s friend came over and was watching the game with us and we score a touchdown and my dad’s friend said that we should go for a two point conversion because there gonna kick a field goal and win the game and what do you know they kick a field goal and win by 1 POINT. The rams game was just terrible I don’t even wanna talk about it.  Well that’s all the time I got today but if you want a chance to get a shoutout comment down below #raidersfan. Goodbye everybody.

November 16

Try This!

First one to figure out what it is gets a shoutout.

Key= Add one letter to the letter that’s in the sentence, (example: A=B, B=C, But if there is a A then that A might stay there)


Figure it out!

November 7

A New World (Chapter One: Missing)

 By: Owen and Jace

Once there was 4 kids. Owen,Jace,Josh and Jackson and they were all best friends and loved to play this one game call DOOMED. And one time it was nighttime and they were all just leaving Jace’s house. So they all left, and Owen was riding his bike home and he crashed and fell into the woods and something took him and was never to be seen again.


So Owen’s mom gets home from work and she was worried because she couldn’t find Owen until Owen’s brother said “he probably stayed over at Jace’s last night” So Owen’s mom felt a little better until she called Jace’s parents and found out that Owen didn’t sleep over there last night. So Owen’s mom called the cops to try to find Owen.


The cops were searching and searching but they couldn’t find him. So the cops stopped looking for him because they didn’t find him, they thought he was dead. Until Owen’s mom Begged and begged. So then the cops decided to look for him one more time. But that was it. So the cops went back out to find him but they couldn’t, until they went to this one lake and found something floating. They ran to the thing in the lake and it was owen’s dead body.


     To Be Continued…  





November 7

A New World (Chapter Two: Alive

By: Owen and Jace                               (If you haven’t read Chapter One read it first or else you’ll be confuse)


Owen’s mother and brother were heartbroken when they heard the news. But His friends weren’t because they knew he wasn’t dead. They wouldn’t stop looking until they found him. So Jace,Jackson and Josh all went out looking for him after school. They were in the woods while it was pouring outside. It was really late and they heard somebody walking behind them. They shine their flashlight over to where they heard the footsteps and there was a girl and on here arm was Violet.


They took Violet to Jace’s house and asked her a bunch of questions. She didn’t answer any of them except for one, “Do you know Owen” Jace says. Violet responds “Yes, he’s in the other world”. Nobody could understand what the other world was. So violet showed the other world. She took DOOMED the board game and flipped it upside down and she said “this is the other world”. “How do we get there” Jackson asked. Violet shook her head left and right. “What do you mean” asked Jace. She didn’t respond. “Is Owen still alive” Josh asked. “Yes”


    To Be Continued…

November 7

A New World (Chapter Three: Talking with a new world)

By: Owen and Jace

(If you haven’t read 1,2 then read them first or else you’ll be confused)


Jace, Jackson and Josh were all happy about that. Jace asked “Is there any way we can talk to him” Violet pointed to DOOMED. They open it up and asked Violet how they talk to Owen. Violet said “Ask him yes and no questions two spaces is yes and one space is no” They all finally understanded how to talk to Owen. So Jace asked the first question. “Owen are you here” It went two spaces. Jackson had a question. “Are you safe” It went one space. Josh had the final question. “What do we do” Owen sent a message to Violet to tell them and Violet said “RUN”. They saw something coming out of the wall and they ran out the backdoor. They kept looking at the thing it looked like an alien that had sharp teeth. And looked like it was going to kill them. Until Violet flew it into the sun and it disappeared. Jace screamed “How did you do that”  She didn’t respond. They went back to Jace’s house, everybody was shocked. They didn’t speak at all. They ask Violet what that thing was. She said “It belongs in the other world”. “Is that thing going to get Owen” Jackson asked “Yes”. We need to get to Owen first then everybody thought. “Violet how do we get there” Jace asked “I’ll open it” Violet says.

       To Be Continued…   

November 7

A New World (Chapter Four: Opened And Gone)

(If you haven’t read 1,2,3 then read them first or else you’ll very confused)

                  By: Owen and Jace

They were going to someplace where nobody could find them. They went into the woods where nobody could see them. “Ok Violet open it” Jace said. Violet stares at a tree it starts to split open. “There’s gooey stuff” Josh says. “GO!” Violet screams. Jace,Jackson and Josh went in and saw nothing, it was all black. But then they see the alien that was chasing after them yesterday. They start running while the alien is behind them. And out of nowhere the alien see’s something else, it’s Owen. They all start running after Owen. But Jace went back to get Violet. Jace says “Violet let’s go we need you”. “I can’t or else this gets closed” Jace moved on without Violet and went to go get Owen. Jackson and Josh were chasing after the alien and owen while Jace is sprinting to catch up with them. Out of nowhere the alien see’s something in the distance and chased after that. So Jace,Jackson,Josh and Owen were all running to where Violet is. “Go go go” Jace says. They all go through the gate and go back to the real world. But Violet is so weak she fainted. But she still needed to close it so the alien doesn’t escape again. Violet woke up and said “Goodbye Guys” as Violet get’s up she closes the gate and disappears. Everyone was sad and happy at the same time. Because Owen was back but Violet was gone. Jace takes everybody home but this time nobody disappeared except for Violet. They think this is over, they might of traped the alien but they didn’t kill it.

  The End   




October 5

The Message


This concept is based on a daughter and a dad messaging together.      By: Josh and Jace

Daughter’s            Dad’s

     side                   side




I feel weird.

idk why though.  


Why has mom not been

at our house for awhile?            “Problems Honey.”



                                                               Me and mom have

                                                               Have been getting                                  

                                                                In fights.




There is a girl watching me

But she does not see.

                                                           Stay calm!

I Don’t see her



OMG She’s

Banging on

The door!                                                             

                                                                   Dont answer.

I know.


Someone just texted


                                                                      Dont answer

                                                                     Whatever you



                                                                     Because i know

                                                                       Who this is




Why can’t you

Tell me?                       

                                                                     None of your


Whatever, i’m shaking.

The girl keeps texting me!                        



You know what i am, because

You’re doing nothing.


                               THE RANDOM GIRL




                                                                         I know what

                                                                         What you



                                                                       Pugs are Your

                                                                         Favorite dog.

How did you know


                                                               I know all about



                                                                    I like taylor

                                                                     Swift too.



Stop talking to me!

                                                                           I’M Coming!


                                                               In your house!


Please don’t.                       

                                                           Just to hang out.

Im calling the

Cops right now

They said they will

Be here in 5 minutes.

                                                                 I have 5 minutes

                                                                    To hang out

                                                                       With you

                                                                     Let’s play hide

                                                                     And seek!

OK your not coming in.                  


                                                               I know your

                                                               Favorite spot!                           

 Then i will go

Somewhere else.                                 i know were you

                                                                  Are gonna go.

We’re not going to play.

                                                                      You’re funny!




                                                                     I’m coming!




Hey i’m back!


Not really she’s about

To come in.

                                                                   I left work i’m


I still wonder about


                                                             We have to

                                                          worry about this.


                                                        What did she say?

She knows all

About me.


How do you


                                                         I have to tell you.


                                                                  The girl your

                                                               Wondering about

                                                                Is your mom.



                                                           Ever since we broke

                                                          Up she wanted you

                                                           Not in a good way.



She is screaming and

Trying to knock the

Door down!!!


                                                                       Hide, now.

She knows my spot.

                                                            Don’t hide there



                                                      Just hide until the

                                                        Cops come.

They should come any



I’m hiding in where

We store our food

Up on the top shelf.


   She is ringing the

Doorbell & yelling to

Come in.


OMG she just bust

In. I am about

To throw up.                                                 Stay calm

                                                                       Whatever you


She just went down

Stairs where my spot is.


She is tearing everything

Down and crying & screaming.

         You there?   


She is in the kitchen right

Now she is breaking everything.


   She’s coming in!!!!

She doesn’t see me,

She walked in looked

up at me

But did

not see me.


Should i get off of the shelves 

                                                             I don’t know

  I think she’s outside                

I’m jumping down



   I jumped


    Oh nooooooo! she

Is right there, she got

      me cornered!!


      I’m in this small

         Area it’s pitch



          I’m in a car,

           “Mom’s car.”

                                                                     Do you know                     

                                                                        Where she is

                                                                            Taking you?  



                                                                            Look outside

                                                                            The window.

I Can’t im in

The back.

                                                                          Is it locked?

I don’t know.

                                                                    Mom forgets to

                                                                            Lock things.

OMG it’s unlocked!

I’m jumping out!                                           Don’t make

                                                                              It obvious





Ok, I’m out.

I don’t think

She noticed.                                                     Good.


Wait… I think she

Is stopping.


                                                                     To Be Continued…