May 21

Africa (Part 2) Billy Bob’s Adventure

Make sure you guys read part 1 first or you’ll be very confused. ENJOY


They arrive at North Carolina on there megalodon. The both had the same feeling something bad was gonna happen. There feeling were right, another hurricane was going to hit. Billy Bob Jr gets frightened after an F10 tornado is forming. They got back on there megalodon and tried to get away but the winds were to strong. They look over at the beach and see that another tsunami was coming. At that point they gave up. The F10 tornado formed and coming right for them and the tsunami was about to hit while the streets were already flooded by the hurricane. It was a disaster. The tornado picked them up and shot them through the air. As there about to crash they get on their megalodon and BOOM! They crashed and all blacked out. They woke up and tried waking up the megalodon but he wouldn’t. They had guessed he died. Billy Bob Jr starts to cry and hugs Billy Bob. They wanted to get some air so they went for a walk. But Billy Bob Jr didn’t seem this was home so he asked Billy Bob where they were and he said “AFRICA”. As they were walking they see a 3,000,000 million story high bamboo building. They enter with a blue stone in front of them that said 4 wishes only. They took the stone and went to the 3,000,000 floor. They could see the whole world from up there. They looked back out there city and realized it was covered in water with another tsunami coming and the hurricane coming with a water spout. Then they realize what they have done. They think for a moment and realize the stone. They can use the stone to wish this never happened. Billy Bob closes his eyes and says” We wish this never happened. The both passed out and all the sudden they wake back up home. They walk outside and see nothing ever happened. They both hugged each other and went back inside.


                     The End   


      Book 2 Coming Soon

      Here’s a sneak peak


Wow I can fly. Let’s do this. Sir you’re under arrest. You caused to mush damage to our city so we’re putting you in jail. Game Time. AHHHHH BOOM! Thank you again for what you did. It’s wasn’t really anything. Can we get your autograph.   

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