May 21

The Escape (Chapter 1: The Prison)

    Based Off the Escape from Alcatraz


“Get your hands off me” I said. Ok let me go back. I escaped from prison about 25 times and I just robbed a gas station because I needed the money and I got caught. Ok back to it. I got taken to the station. They decided what to do with me. They told me to get up and get in the car. “Hey officer, where we going” I asked. He replied “To Megatraz”. He told me to get out of the car and get on a boat. I’m not gonna lie I was so confused. I was on the boat and sitting in a room with a FBI officer with handcuffs and the door was locked so I couldn’t escape. The boat stopped and I have gotten off the boat and looked up and saw a huge building that looked like a prison. I entered and they pulled up all my criminal records and it said that I escaped 25 times. The girl that was at the front desk started giggling and said “That ain’t gonna happen this time”. I didn’t know what she meant right there.We went up some stairs into a room with a general. I was in there with a bunch of other prisoners. The general started to talk “You guys are here because you escaped prison a bunch of times and or other prisons are full, UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES, WE ARE UNABLE TO TRY TO ESCAPE OR YOU WILL BE PUNISHED, NO TRYING TO PAY THE GUARDS TO GET YOU OUT, AND THE LAST RULE IS THE STRICEST, HELPING OTHERS GET OUT YOU WILL BE PUNISHED BADLY. UNDERSTAND ME”. No one replied. We left the room and started up another set of stairs and they took me to cell block A. Right next to me was a guy names Jackson Luster and they put me and my brother right next to each other Jace. Jace has escaped also from prison many times. But Jackson he escaped every single time he was in prison 129 times, so he was like an expert. I was laying on the bed trying to figure out if I could escape from here but I had no ideas. But then Jackson whispered into my cell and said “Hey you wanna escape with me and your brother”. I got up immediately and asked him “How”? “Just listen up here, you see those little bars”. Said Jackson. “Yeah” I replied. “Take this drill and unscrew the screws in it and go straight up until you see a room with dust all over it, got it”! “Yeah” I said. Jackson and Jace started to play some instruments while I was drilling. I replaced that thing with cardboard so no one noticed I was up there. I started to crawl up there and when I got to the room Jace and Jackson were up there. “Did you put your dummy in place with the blankets” asked Jace. “Uhhh, no” I replied with a scared voice. “Oh no were screwed” said Jackson. “Go back down there and put your dummy on top of the pillow and put the blankets to look like your body” said Jace. I went back down, I open the the bars up and start to put the dummy on top of the pillow until I hear a guard come to my cell. “What are you doing” said the guard. And I was holding the dummy in my hand. “Uhhhh” I said in straight fear.

          To Be Continued…

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