December 13

Best Work Day

                                                                           Best Work Day                     

                                                                     At Parrot Mountain, Tennessee

                                                                                 By Elise K

       I was so excited to come to Parrot Mountain, I always am since I work here, but today it is my Birthday!  I went to the entrance of Parrot Mountain, and got into the shelter by my friend Melissa, who was my best friend at Parrot Mountain because we came in to start our work on the same exact day, and we were being trained together.  We have always been some of the work helpers for other people to hold the parrots and to show them how to put them on your fingers or hands. Melissa told me happy birthday and everyone one else who knew that it was my birthday, did also.  We like to help put the birds inside once the shelter has closed.  I have always had fun doing this job and I found this place when I came here in the summer, when I was going to be  a 5th grader the next school year. Me and my family went to Tennessee and I requested to fo to Parrot Mountain and I was so happy here that I didn’t even want to leave and I thought to myself, “Maybe I can come back someday and work here!”   I am pretty sure Melissa has always had a great time too because we always talk and laugh during the day.

      Melissa always answered questions that I needed an answer for, and I always did the same thing for her.  One day I asked her this, “Melissa?” and she asked what I needed.  

      “Someone over here would like to hold a parrot, but I need to go for my lunch break because I am already 8 minutes late and you know that we don’t actually have that much time to eat, so could you go and please help them?”


     “Sure, I will be happy to help you, and I hope that you have a good lunch!”


      Then, I went to the employees break area and sat down with some of my other friends that I met at Parrot Mountain.  They all said Happy Birthday to me too, and surprised me with a whole party with all of my friends!  I really enjoy working with the parrots, so when I go to break I feel a little bit sad, but I really was happy today especially because it was my birthday, but also that everyone had took the time to set up a party, all just for me.  


       I am usually sad that I have to go away from the parrots because I work with them everyday, and I think that it is very fun.  Today though, it was still awesome even if I didn’t get to work with them every second of the day, because it was my birthday!!!


       They brought me a cake with a bunch of icing parrots on the side and said, “Happy Birthday Elise!”  This was honestly probably turning out to be the best day at work ever!  I had a blast, and I was so excited also that I was at Parrot Mountain because I love parrots so much, that I didn’t want a day off, but I wanted to celebrate my birthday with all of my friends and be with all of the parrots!

        After we had eaten all of the cake, and treats, I went back to the bird sanctuary where all of the visitors can see and hold the parrots.  Then, apparently Melissa had gone on the loudspeaker and told everyone that it was my birthday and that after my lunch break, that everyone should surprise me and sing Happy Birthday to me!  So the second I walked back out, the whole park started singing!  This was definitely the BEST DAY EVER!!!  


       Once everybody was done singing and clapping, Melissa told me to come to the loud speaker and say something.  I was a little bit nervous, but I was confident on how Melissa was encouraging me, so I started talking about how thankful I was to be at Parrot Mountain on my birthday, and thanking everyone for singing for me.  Then everybody cheered again when I was finished.  


       After many hours of joy and fun, I was getting kind of tired because of working all of this wonderful cool day, and celebrating my birthday, but my shift was coming to an end so I drove home.  


                                                                  IT WAS THE BEST DAY EVER!!!

November 29

Thanksgiving Narrative

Thanksgiving    Narrative   


      I had a great Thanksgiving break and I actually had 3 Thanksgiving celebrations! On the actual Thanksgiving day, I went over to my Mom’s parents house and my Uncle also came and we had a mini feast. My Mom brought over a casserole that was ham and cheese in the middle because my Brother didn’t want to have turkey every day for 3 days!  I had some of that too.   We didn’t really do much, just that my Grandparents wanted to have a little Thanksgiving meal with us and our Uncle.


       Then, on Friday, we drove all the way to Elysburg. This time we were going to my Dad’s parents house, which is 2 hours away from our house. We saw all of our cousins there! This time we were going to my Dad’s parents house.  Molly, Kennedy, Patrick, Charlie, and our other cousin Cameron. That was an exciting day because our Grandma, who we call Gram, always has fun crafts for all of the girls to do.  


       Me, Molly, and Kennedy made snowflakes with old toilet paper rolls that Gram had been saving for us to do this.  We decorated them with glitter and put them on the deck railing to dry.  So I had brought ingredients to make slime, but the problem was, that I didn’t have any glue left to bring.  We asked Gram if we could use some of her clear glue because all of us REALLY wanted to make clear and glitter slime!  After that, she let us!  Everybody including all of the girls again made LOTS of slime so that the whole bottle was empty!!!  We were doing this outside without any coats on and it was freezing!!! After we made all of the slime and snowflakes, I and Kennedy’s hands were numb because they were so cold!  


       Then we had our Thanksgiving meal for lunch and we also had the same things for dinner.  My family stayed there the whole day, but we got there about an hour before lunch time.  After dinner, me, my family, Uncle Todd, Molly, Kennedy, Uncle Brent, and our Grandpa went to the local hospital because we were visiting my Great Grandpa who was in the hospital.  He was asleep when we were in his room, but we still got to see him.  It looked like he was doing better than he was before, so that was a good thing.


We had to go home soon after that.  I was sad, but atleast I still had another Thanksgiving celebration to go to.  

          Now the next day Saturday, I was back again at my Mom’s parents house and this time my Whole family was there not just my family, my Grandparents, and my Uncle. It was all of my Aunts, Uncles, Grandparents, and my one cousin Avery.  Me, Alan, Emmett, and Avery, got some gifts that my Aunt Margaret got for us.  She got us Thinking Putty, and I got a glittery batton, and the boys got little light up dinosaurs.  I was playing with my putty for the whole day! Also, me, Alan and Avery brought our Anki Overdrive sets and our devices so that we could play.  I didn’t play at all, because I was on my ripstik.

          After about 12:30 or somewhere close to that, we had our lunch which was the only meal that we were celebrating for Thanksgiving, I had a LOT of things like, bacon + brussel sprouts, mashed potatoes + gravy, DEFINETLY cranberry sauce, turkey, beef, lots of vegetables, and a lot more. I also had 3 pieces of pie! They were all kinds that my Mom had made, Apple Cranberry, Pumpkin, and Key Lime!  My Grandpa Really likes to cook so he always makes a lot of things so that we have enough and so that some people can take leftovers if they would like.

         Then, after lunch I went outside and me, Alan and Avery played hide and seek outside, except Alan found me right away because I was wearing a bright Neon orange shirt. Also, Avery was wearing a bright blue shirt so Alan could find both of us pretty easily.

       Everybody just started to leave slowly one by one and once my one Uncle left, with my other Aunt and her boyfriend to go back to the train station for my Aunt to go back to New York, my family left soon after that. The only ones left was my family and of course since it was their house, my Grandparents.

       I had a great time at each of my Thanksgiving celebrations and I am thankful that I could have 3 Thanksgiving lunch/dinners.

I hope that all of you also had a GREAT Thanksgiving!!!

November 1

Ivy Placafrey

Ivy          Placafrey

Ivy Placafrey lives on a planet that has the same name as her last

name, Placafrey.  This is  because it was named after her great-great grandfather who was the leader of WaterClan, the Clan she lived in, when he found the planet.

She was very lucky, as she thought, because on her planet, she lived in Clans, which were very much like neighborhoods or communities. Also, she thought that she was lucky because on her planet , every single plant is green, except for a VERY rare flower that was pink and it was called the Water-Fire flower so it lives on the Water-Clan and Fire-Clan territory.


Since she had the Water-Fire flowers near her house, she had the responsibility to keep them alive.


While she was coming back to Silverstream through the Jungle that was near her house, she noticed how much trash that was around her house, probably from the Fire-Clan people, so she ran inside and told her Mother.


“Mom, why do people have to throw so much trash on the ground?  That just makes more work to keep all of the plants and animals alive especially the Water-Fire flower,” said Ivy.


“How about you go out and tell the people that throw the trash out onto our lawn your opinion about how things might die,” her Mother replied.


“I guess you could be right…  I am going to go and start cleaning up that trash outside,” she sighed and walked out the door.


Then she looked at all of the trash that was all over her lawn and sighed once again but picked up her trashcan and got to work, picking up all of the waste.

It really wasn’t that fun to pick up things that are not necessary that she had to pick up.  She thought that this was very unfair to her.


She thought that she should do something to Fire-Clan to teach them a lesson about not throwing trash onto other people’s lawns, but she knew she would get in trouble for that and her Mother would surely scold her.

Finally, Ivy had finished picking up all of the trash and now she felt really really tired.  So she went inside to help her Mother with the dishes.

It had been about an hour that Ivy was working outside and she offered to help her Mom, but she replied,”Oh Honey, you have been working so hard outside you should take a little rest, but thank you for offering.”  So of course she didn’t argue because honestly that is what she wanted to do.  


While she was sleeping, she had a really weird dream and it was about the Fire-Clan and Water-Clan making a peace treaty and not throwing trash onto other people’s lawns and being nice to each other and sharing things. She was so amazed in what happened in her dream, when she woke up she wondered whether she could actually make a change in her world and maybe get that dream she just had to come true in real life!!!  She was super excited and ran out the door like she was a baby chick just learning to fly so happily.  Then she started to slow down and went into her whole area of Silverstream and picked up every single little piece of trash that she could see.


Now that she has picked up all of that trash, she thought she should just take a little walk in the wilderness around her area of Silverstream.  She loved the places around her house because she loved to explore and find interesting places.


Soon enough she stopped….. She had heard a strange sound.     Ivy knew that there were coyotes around the jungle, but she had never actually never got in touch with one herself.  So she tried to get it out of her mind and just started walking again.  Suddenly, she heard it once again but a lot closer this time.

She was starting to get worried so it wasn’t a really fun trip anymore it was a more frightening chase.  So she started running as fast as she could and hoped that the coyote wouldn’t notice.

Then, Ivy looked back while sprinting still and saw the coyote look up at her and started the chase.  Now that she was so frightened, she picked up her pace another notch and ran like she never did before.


After she got home she ran inside and locked the coyote out and told her Mom all about it and never went in that jungle by herself again and still dreamed to change her “trashed up world.”

                                                   By Elise K


October 12

Tiger Photofunia

My favorite animal is a Tiger.  You can probably tell that because of all of the posts I have done with Tigers in them.  In your comment please say if you like Tigers, or what your favorite animal is.