Is Deforestation Something That Kids Should Worry About? By: Ash

Deforestation Issue:Should kids worry about it a lot? Or, even at all? I think yes, By: reporter ferret Ashlyn



I think mostly yes because kids are young and if deforestation continues then there may be no air. When us kids are older we can do something about it.

Deforestation may go on forever as long as we live, if we don’t do something about it NOW. Well, not really because actually if we don’t as I said do something about it now then if it goes on at its current rate then all forests on the whole EARTH would actually be just a humongous crumble of desert with no air or all us people would have to live in a space station with oxygen things and every ferret would be a technic astronaut and even the pets and I think we should blast off into space about in 6 years.


Just kidding, we wouldn’t have enough parts to make 800 space stations. But where would our home be? A creepy space station. And Christmas trees for around Christmas and all that? And wait why do you guys cut down trees, Ahem Brazilians. I LOVE Brazil. But hey let’s go onto deforestation.


It’s a little sad. But anyway, so here are some facts for you people in Brazil cutting down trees maybe you’d like to die. Or live in space and that’s just stupid because we would have to be with things younger than us, out to nine-year-olds.

I can’t believe that you guys wanna go to space or die! Which one would you rather: Die on the planet or go on the space thing or stop deforestation; it’s a v.s v.s thing. Tell me in comment section. Please do if you feel like it..

If you want to of course. As I said that kids  

So, anyway did you know that more than 2,000 out of 3,000 cancer-fighting plants grow in rainforests. Also, all our air is going away and rainforests are homes to many plants and animals, like wetlands.

The End. And deforestation IS a think kids should worry about. image from Google.

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