August 28

Grandparent’s Tea

Grandparents’ Day is Sunday, September 11th.  Our class would like to celebrate this special day by inviting our grandparents to join us for a special “tea” in the classroom.

Where: Mrs. Henn’s room, 107

When: Monday, September 10th

Time: 9:30am – 10:30am

Grandparents will be invited to tour the classroom, listen to a story, help their grandchild with a craft, and enjoy some light refreshments. This is a great day to celebrate grandparents* and all the wonderful things they do!

*If your child does not have grandparents to invite, or any that live close by, they may invite another family member/friend from that generation.  Sorry parents! We’ll invite you in another time!


My grandparents join us too! 🙂