October 26

Dads and Donuts

Two weeks ago a paper went home regarding our Dads and Donuts event. Please complete and return the RSVP sheet if you would like to take part in this fun event. Please also send in $1 to go towards the items we will be getting for the event.

Where: Brecknock Elementary School Cafeteria

When: Thursday, Nov. 17th- students last names A-L

Friday, Nov. 18th- students last names M-Z

Time: 8:15-8:45 a.m.

Who: Dads* and Brecknock Students *If Dad is not available, another guardian (uncle, granddad, etc.) may bring your child.

October 5

Picture Day

Just a reminder that picture day is tomorrow! If you would like to order prints and you did not do so online, please have your child bring in their picture form paper and your payment.

I cannot wait to see everyone’s best smiling tomorrow! 🙂


October 1

Our First STAR Party!

Yesterday was our first STAR Party! The students loved it! Each day, students start with 4 stars. During the day students can either earn a star by making good choices or lose a star for not making the best choices. At the end of the month, all of the students’ stars are averaged together. If students average 3 stars, they are considered a star student. If students average 4 or more stars, they are considered a rock star.

For our first STAR Party, star and rock star students were able to bring a toy or game into class. Rock star students were also able to enjoy a freeze pop! All of the students in our class were stars or rock stars! I am so proud of them for making such great choices during the first month of school! The students are already excited for our next star party at the end of October!

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