April 18

Positive Thinking Day

We will be having our “Positive Thinking” day on Friday, May 4th.  Our goal is to focus on each child’s strengths and get to know the various things that make each and every one of us special! Not only does this day focus on teaching students more about acceptance of others but of themselves as well. We want to continue to foster a self-love and confidence in each child.

  1. We will conclude the day with a talent show to showcase each child’s unique abilities! All students are expected to take part in this talent show. It will begin around 2:30.  Please help your child prepare for the show by practicing what they will be doing for the talent show. If they are presenting a video, artwork or creation, they should still prepare a short introduction for it. Your child should have brought home a paper explaining what they plan on doing for the show, what to practice, and what they must bring. Please make sure that your child is practicing for the talent show. If your child would like to change their talent, please let me know as soon as possible so that I can change the program.

We hope that you can join us for this exciting show!

“People don’t believe that their actions really and truly are going to make a difference. But kids get it. They know and they get all excited about the difference they’re making.” – Jane Goodall


April 16

Book Reviews

The students have worked extra hard throughout the last few weeks learning how to write a book report. After writing a book report together, students read their own chapter books. After they finished reading it, they wrote their own book reports. The students did these all completely independently and I could not be more proud of them!

You can see all of the finished book reviews here!

Mrs. Means will also keep the book of our book reviews in the library for students to reference when they would like a book recommendation.

April 15

Field Trip

Just a reminder that our field trip is this Friday, April 20th. Here are a few helpful tips!

  • All students should be here when the bell rings to attend our field trip.  We will be leaving right after announcements.
  • Each student should bring a completely disposable lunch. We will be throwing the lunch bag and everything else away once we finish lunch. Your child may pack peanut butter and jelly.
  • Your child should not bring any money or a camera. We will not be stopping at the gift shop.
  • Even though we will be going on the field trip, please send your child in with his/her backpack since we may have notes from the office to take home.

We are looking forward to a wonderful trip full of exploration, learning, and fun!