April 8

Lights, Camera, Action!

Last Friday, we had our Positive Thinking Day and concluded the day with our talent show! All day the students discussed how we are all similar but we also have differences. We talked about how our differences make us special.

Another thing we talked about is how our outlook affects our lives. If you have a positive outlook, you are probably going to have a better day! We also discussed how helping other people is a way to make us feel happier!

Here is a short video of our talent show!

We’re so talented! on PhotoPeach

April 1

March STAR Party

Our March STAR party consisted of a slime party! All of the star students and rock star students got to make slime! The rock stars were also able to add color and glitter to their slime. The students had a blast making their slime! They were then given time to play with their slimeĀ and their classmates. All of the students in our classroom were either rock star or star students!

Slime Patry on PhotoPeach