January 7

Word Problems

In math class, we are currently working on word problems as well as two and three digit addition and subtraction without regrouping. I recommend that the students write their double and triple digit addition and subtraction problems vertically instead of horizontally. It makes it much easier to solve! Students should also begin in the ones place whether they are adding or subtracting. This is very important because our next unit will include regrouping.
The types of word problems that we are working on are:

-Add To- one amount is added to another. Ex- I have 35 cookies. I make 24 more. How many cookies do I have now?
-Take From- one amount is taken from another. Ex- I had 58 cookies. I gave 43 cookies away. How many cookies do I have now?
-Put Together-two (or more) amounts are put together. Ex- I bought 30 cookies. My friend bought 26 cookies. How many cookies did we both buy?
-Take Apart- the total amount is taken apart. Ex- There are 97 cookies. 53 are chocolate chip cookies. How many are not chocolate chip cookies?
-Compare- two amounts are compared. Ex- I have 55 cookies. My friend has 23 cookies. How many more cookies do I have?