Week 7 Blog Challenge! Stranded!

What do we do now? We are stranded here In the middle of know where. All I see is just trees, leafs, and a random tree frog. As you can see my family and I are bored to death. So the question still stands what do we do now? We could build a raft, create a iPhone out of bark, or make a basketball hoop and basketball. Knowing myself I’m going to first build raft to get out of this place! The question is how am I going to cut down the tree. Two hours and 28 minutes and finally done with the first tree. Now all I have to do is cut them into lengths of 8 feet. After the 5 tree we were done. My sister who is a drama queen ran to a rock where she thought she would spend her last days. My mom quickly ran over to her. As for my brother he was hungry and I was to a little. So we thought we might as well go look for food. We found my dad and dragged him away from my sister. As we walked we thought about what food we would catch and how we would catch them. We found a big leaf and put into the water. After 10 minutes we caught a fish. Now I miss grocery stores. We finally caught 5 fish and brought them back to where my mom and sister were. My brother and I wondered how we would cook the fish,but my dad had a plan. He took two sticks and rubbed them together. A hour later we had fish. I now miss the school’s chicken nuggets. That night we found a peaceful place to sleep under the stars. The next morning my brother and I got up. My sister was still sound asleep. I guess no matter where she sleeps she snores. My brother and I got right to work building the basketball net. We took me sister’s headband and cut with my brother’s pocket knife. Then, we took some leafs and put it around it. We took the net and the pocket knife and pushed the knife into the net. Next, we took the net with the knife and stuck it to a thick old tree. Next the basketball the hard part. We found some leafs and and tore off the leafs from it. Now we where left with a long piece of left. We did this to about 20 leafs. Then, we twisted them up into a ball shape. After that a little speedboat came to save us. My mom,dad,brother,and I got on the boat. We were a mile from land when my mom noticed that my sister was not on the boat. We went back to the island where my sister was screaming and wondering where we were. My sister ran to the boat and quickly got in. The driver turned the key, but it did not start. Well I guess my brother and I will get better at basketball now.

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