The Tone of Writing

Georgina:Aqua                     The Tone of Writing

Allison: Pink   


The tone of writing is a very useful tool when you are reading. In the story How To Become A United States Presidential Candidate  there is a tone you must figure out. Another word for tone is the author’s attitude toward the subject he or she is writing about. Another way an author could show his or her attitude is using sequence such as: first,then or last. They also use their opinions toward the passage.


An example could be many people dream of becoming president of the United States.  This is an example of an author using sequence in the story this might help you determine the tone of the story. An example also be  using vivid words  like: critical or abundant. The last example of ways you can find tone is First, the presidential candidate must have lived in the United States for 13 years.The author also used information from previous years.He also used results from people that worked in the white house in 2008.The author also used an interesting way to set up the information using maps.


The authors tone of writing in this story is he or she is excited about the road to become a United States Presidential Candidate. The author shows the excitement by having a good attitude. They used descriptive language,sequence, charts and other interesting details. I can tell the author likes the subject by all of the good facts they include.


How can fiction bring imaginary ideas to life?



Fiction can bring imaginary ideas to life because it’s fictional so you can imagine like you are there. Also since it’s fiction there are no boundaries so you can imagine whatever you think, it’s all up to you and your imagination. Always use your background knowledge while you are you reading so that you know more about the characters and then you can imagine them better and easier. Also you can bring fictional ideas to life by making movies about the books and the fictional characters.lastly If you read all the time you will get a better understanding for the books you are reading and the books you are about to read.



You can use 3D pictures and movies too. If you don’t know what 3D is it’s a movie or picture that when you wear special glasses then the movie or picture will pop out like you can touch it. You can imagine anything like if you are reading about the underground railroad you can imagine slaves running for their life. Another example is if you are reading about our solar system you can imagine the planets going around the sun.Your imagination is great to have fictional characters come to life. If you keep on reading your imagination will get better and you can picture the characters in your mind.


Pictures can bring imaginary characters and places to life. With a picture book you can see what the words say about the story. When you are reading a chapter book there are usually no pictures so it’s harder to picture it in your mind. Words can be confusing so if you don’t know a word just look it up or use context clues. When you follow all these things you will be imagining fiction characters easier.