Activity 1! Week 6 blog Challenge!

There are so many different kinds of food here in the United States! One of the most popular kinds of food is pizza. There are many kinds of pizza but the most popular is probably cheese. Another food that is popular is ice cream. It is very creamy and comes in all different kinds of favors. Cake is also a popular food. Usually cake is a treat on your birthday or a holiday. One last food is sandwiches. There are different kinds to. The most popular is probably PB&J. These are some popular foods in the United States.

3 thoughts on “Activity 1! Week 6 blog Challenge!

  1. Hi Allison,
    I love all of the foods you said in your post. My favourite type of pizza is onion, mushroom, ham, on thin crust. What is your favourite kind of pizza? Have you ever tried thin crust pizza? I love it.
    I always have cake or cupcakes on my birthday. Do you like cake or cupcakes better? I like cupcakes better.
    Please check out my blog at: and please comment! 🙂
    Anna 😀

  2. Hi Allison,
    I’m Cass from I very much enjoyed reading this post about the popular foods in the United States. I think the food in America is very similar to the food here in Canada. I live in Quebec and something very popular is poutine. It’s french fries, gravy and cheese curds. Trust me it’s so much better than it sounds.
    A really tasty pizza has to be Hawaiian pizza somehow pineapples and ham are really delicious together but my favorite kind of pizza has to be all dressed basically for the nice crispy bacon on top and the mushrooms. I personally enjoy mushrooms. Is that weird?
    What’s your favorite kind of pizza and why?
    I love reading your interesting posts.
    Keep up the good work!

  3. Hi Allison,
    It’s me Mackenzie again from I LOVE FOOD!! I also like to eat pizza! I am pretty simple. I like the classic pepperoni and cheese pizza but I also like Hawaiian pizza because their is PINEAPPLES on it! I also like all dressed…. In case you could not tell I like almost any kind of pizza! Pizza just tastes so good I don’t think I know anyone who doesn’t like pizza and if you don’t like pizza my only question is how can you not!? Ice cream is also really good! Again I am very simple so my favorite has to be the classic vanilla with maybe a topping like crushed ores or chocolate syrup on it. I also like to eat cake. In case you did not know I actually did a blog post about ice cream vs cake here is the link : .
    I really enjoyed reading this blog post! Bye!

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