Week 10 Blog Challenge! My blog!

I can’t believe that the Blog Challenge is actually almost over. I wrote 25 posts in time of the blog challenge. I wrote 6 that were school based, 18 that set by the challenge. I also got 19 comments from all over world. The post with the most comments was 3 amazing places to visit in the United States. I think this post got the comments because people from all over the world wanted to know amazing places in the US. My favorite post that wrote was FDR. I really enjoyed writing this post because I like learning about history. I changed my theme two times because a lot of people had the same theme.

The blog challenge was a wonderful experience for me. Mostly because I got to improve my writing skills and met new people. One thing I would change about the Blog Challenge is adding another free choice week. The blog Challenge is great thing and I would totally do it again. Thanks to everyone who read my blog.

Commenting! Week 8 blog Challenge!

I have really enjoyed commenting. Have you enjoyed commenting? My favorite thing about commenting is you get to talk to other kids. The annoying thing about commenting is when you hit summit and it deletes you hard work. When I am commenting on posts I always look at the title to see if that topic interests me. If it does I read and comment on the post. Some good comment starters are I wish… and I wonder…… Also another great comment starter is I really enjoyed…..or I like how…… Hopefully these comment starters helped you. Thank you for reading my post. Bye!

Visual Information!




Visual information (charts, graphs) helps the reader better understand what’s going on because for visual learners, can also help the reader learn more about the topic in the passage.  For example in  Geothermal Heating, and Cooling it shows the Primary Energy Consumption of 2010. It is easier for the reader to learn this because you can see it, by a graph.


Also little things can help you visual things, you can use your mind to paint a picture. That’s if the author has very good description, but for visual learners graphs help a lot. For example, if I were to say “The core is the last layer out of the Earth layers, and the mantle is the 2nd  outermost layer”. It’s pretty hard to image because you can’t see it. You get a better understanding of what everything looks like.  Also, if you weren’t to see what you’re reading about you probably wouldn’t understand it.


That is how visual information can help you better understand what everything looks like, and how it works. It is very beneficial to be able to understand/see what you’re reading about.

Number the Stars!


Michaela:: Italicised


Have you ever wondered what it was like for Jewish people in World War 2? In the book Number the Stars Annemarie, Kirsti, and Ellen go through some harsh things/problems. In the first chapter Annemarie, Ellen, and Kirsti have an encounter with some Nazi soldiers. They were scared, and really just wanted to get home. I think that’s why it affected her, she’s never has to talk to a soldier/s before and to have to do that is scary. When she got home she started to question why the king let the Nazi’s take over Denmark, and was asking her family a lot of questions ever since the Nazi’s have taken over.


How would it make you feel to get sent away from your family? This is just one of the hardships that Jewish people and their friends went through. In the book Annemarie’s family hid Ellen as Lise the sister that died because the Germans were looking for Jewish families. If I were  in Ellen shoes I would be super scared and probably would try not to talk at all. If I were in Ellen’s shoes, or just even any other Jewish person’s shoes I would be very scared and not want to see any of the soldiers, I also wouldn’t want to hide because if I did get caught I could get in lots of trouble. I would also miss my family very much. For me, it isn’t very hard to imagine because it happened, so it gives me a better understanding of what happened, which can better put me in the position
That’s what we think about how Jewish people were treated in World War 2. Also, How the encounter with the Nazi soldiers affected Annemarie, How would it make you feel to be apart from your family and your friends? Is it hard for you to imagine what they went through? We also recommend the book Number the Star by Lois Lowry.

All About Clue! Week 7 Blog Challenge!

Have you ever played the game clue? The game clue was invented in 1944. It was originally named Cluedo. Anthony E. Pratt invented this game. Anthony was born August 10th 1903. He died April 9th 1994. He was also a musician and born in Birmingham. The characters of this game are Colonel Mustard, Miss Scarlet, Mr.Green, Mrs. Peacock, Mrs. White, and Professor Plum. In this game the characters have to find the 3 main clues. They have to find the murderer, the location of the murderer, and the murderer’s weapon. To find much more information about clue visit https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cluedo.

Week 7 Blog Challenge! Stranded!

What do we do now? We are stranded here In the middle of know where. All I see is just trees, leafs, and a random tree frog. As you can see my family and I are bored to death. So the question still stands what do we do now? We could build a raft, create a iPhone out of bark, or make a basketball hoop and basketball. Knowing myself I’m going to first build raft to get out of this place! The question is how am I going to cut down the tree. Two hours and 28 minutes and finally done with the first tree. Now all I have to do is cut them into lengths of 8 feet. After the 5 tree we were done. My sister who is a drama queen ran to a rock where she thought she would spend her last days. My mom quickly ran over to her. As for my brother he was hungry and I was to a little. So we thought we might as well go look for food. We found my dad and dragged him away from my sister. As we walked we thought about what food we would catch and how we would catch them. We found a big leaf and put into the water. After 10 minutes we caught a fish. Now I miss grocery stores. We finally caught 5 fish and brought them back to where my mom and sister were. My brother and I wondered how we would cook the fish,but my dad had a plan. He took two sticks and rubbed them together. A hour later we had fish. I now miss the school’s chicken nuggets. That night we found a peaceful place to sleep under the stars. The next morning my brother and I got up. My sister was still sound asleep. I guess no matter where she sleeps she snores. My brother and I got right to work building the basketball net. We took me sister’s headband and cut with my brother’s pocket knife. Then, we took some leafs and put it around it. We took the net and the pocket knife and pushed the knife into the net. Next, we took the net with the knife and stuck it to a thick old tree. Next the basketball the hard part. We found some leafs and and tore off the leafs from it. Now we where left with a long piece of left. We did this to about 20 leafs. Then, we twisted them up into a ball shape. After that a little speedboat came to save us. My mom,dad,brother,and I got on the boat. We were a mile from land when my mom noticed that my sister was not on the boat. We went back to the island where my sister was screaming and wondering where we were. My sister ran to the boat and quickly got in. The driver turned the key, but it did not start. Well I guess my brother and I will get better at basketball now.

Week 7 Blog Challenge! No Power!

If we had no power I have no clue what we would do. It would be very boring. If we had no power are schools would be so different. Also are environment would be bad because tons of trees would be cut down to make paper. You could not call your friends or even do the Blog Challenge. Yes life would be pretty boring. But could having no power help?

Yes, having no power would help. Having no power kids would play outside more so kids would get more exercise. Also everyone would be reading more so people could get smarter. Are lifestyle would change for good. Everyone could learn more because people would not be watching TV. People could figure out things on there instead of looking thing up on youtube. It could be bad though because school’s could start using more paper. Also people could get angry more often when they can’t find something. Some games would not even be created without power. Would you want the power to go out in your Country? How would your lifestyle change for good or bad?


Activity 1! Week 6 blog Challenge!

There are so many different kinds of food here in the United States! One of the most popular kinds of food is pizza. There are many kinds of pizza but the most popular is probably cheese. Another food that is popular is ice cream. It is very creamy and comes in all different kinds of favors. Cake is also a popular food. Usually cake is a treat on your birthday or a holiday. One last food is sandwiches. There are different kinds to. The most popular is probably PB&J. These are some popular foods in the United States.

Free write 4/25/16!

Wow Look down there! All I see is blue and a little bit of green. This is my first time traveling to earth and I think it is the best place to go. On this planet there are more than 7 billion people. The most important things so earth are air and water because they need them to survive. Also this plant has 1 moon instead of are planet which has two. Another thing that earth has is plants and animals which is super cool. Are planet only has plants so it was super cool to see some animals. Earth is not the same size as other planets to. On earth you do not need a oxygen tank to breath. Another thing is that you do not float on earth so you can run as much as you want. All in all I highly suggest going to Earth.

Story! Blog Challenge Week 5!

Fort Davis Wagon Scott Sanford via Compfight

Hi my name is Ruth. My family is traveling in this wagon for over 3 months. In are wagon we had 3 baskets of food and 5 blankets one for each one of are family. My Pa thinks we are somewhere in the middle of the United States. I can not wait to get to the west. We are joining Ma’s Pa and Ma. Also in are wagon we have a barrel of water. It is super rocky here, but the views are very pretty. I am a little sad that we had to leave are little house. I heard many stories of bad thing happening along the journey to the west. I have a feeling that nothing is going to happen to us. Along the way I read and do sewing. There are tons of things in the back of the wagon. There is no room anywhere in are wagon so it feels you are always sitting on something. Crash,Bang,Boom!