Story! Blog Challenge Week 5!

Fort Davis Wagon Scott Sanford via Compfight

Hi my name is Ruth. My family is traveling in this wagon for over 3 months. In are wagon we had 3 baskets of food and 5 blankets one for each one of are family. My Pa thinks we are somewhere in the middle of the United States. I can not wait to get to the west. We are joining Ma’s Pa and Ma. Also in are wagon we have a barrel of water. It is super rocky here, but the views are very pretty. I am a little sad that we had to leave are little house. I heard many stories of bad thing happening along the journey to the west. I have a feeling that nothing is going to happen to us. Along the way I read and do sewing. There are tons of things in the back of the wagon. There is no room anywhere in are wagon so it feels you are always sitting on something. Crash,Bang,Boom!

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