Surviving the Applewhites

What is the “Creative Academy” and how does Jake Semple end up going there?   List all the members of the Applewhite family and explain what each of their talents or jobs is. Why does E.D. think she is different than the other Applewhites? What are they like? What is she like?


What is the Creative Academy?

The creative academy is a  home school but Jake thinks it is more like a unschool.


How does Jake end up go to the Creative Academy?

He has to go there because no other school in his home state will take him. He can not go to any other school because they think that he burned down the school.


          All Applewhite family members and their talents or jobs.

– Randolph Applewhite is good at art and science

-E.D. Applewhite her job is to give Jake a tour

– Grandpa Applewhite

-Zedediah Applewhite job is to cook for the family

Destiny Applewhite likes math and says what is on his mind  

-Debbie Applewhite is good at writing

-Zedediah Applewhite good at  making hand crafted furniture

Cordelia Applewhite happy and cheerful that Jake is good at music and dance

Lucille Applewhite is good at poetry

– Archie Applewhite has a gallery on a website inventive

Hal Applewhite good at stealing food

-Sybil is good at being a mom


Why does E.D. think she is different than the other Applewhites?

All the other Applewhites have things that they are really good at but E.D. does not think that she has something that is really good at. I think in the end of the book E.D. will find the thing that she is good at.


What are they like?

They are all really famous and good at a lot of things.


What is she like?

She is good at some things and not really famous. In the end I think that she will be really famous.

If I was a Zoo animal !

If I was a zoo animal I would like to be a gorilla. The reason I would like to be a gorilla is because they always look so cool. Just sitting there and looking like a boss with their big strong arms and rough looking. Another reason I would like to be a gorilla is because they have a very unique minds. They are really quick minded, like how they paint, solve puzzles, and some are even  trained communicate through sign language.  

If I was caged I would feel uneasy and very sad. I can’t imagine if people found me in nature and just shoved me into a small, unhappy, little cage of disappointment. If it had a TV and I could draw. That would be a whole different story. I would be a lot happier if I could do those things, but I still would not be 100% happy. One reason is that I would probably would not understand the people on the TV so well, and just drawing and painting all the time would get old really really fast.

I would feel pretty good about myself if people visited and watched me. It would definitely raise my self of steam level because just the concept of people stopping to just get a glimpse of a wonderful gorilla is just amazing. Plus I would love to see little kids looking at me with their ooo’s and aahh’s, and their little faces with their jaw dropped. Another reason I would love to be seen by audience is to show off my artist skills. If you would think that I was awesome you should see me draw as a gorilla. Plus if my drawings were selling for money.

So, for all the bad things that are said about gorillas be captured and put in zoos. I think, I just think that gorillas might be having just a little fun watching new people come in every day just to live the experience to see all the animals. That is my opinion about be a caged gorilla with an audience might be that the animal might be pretty happy. You never know.        



Rats another day at the zoo. Well I better introduce myself. My name is Holly the dolphin and live at the Merriamsburg Zoo. When I was little I lived with my Mom, Dad, and my older brother Ben.Then, they took me and put me on a  HUGE ship. I was thinking where are they taking me. Then, they said the word that changed my life. “Zoo!”This is what I do all day watch and watch and more watching people. People come to my cage and look through the big 24 by 24 foot windows. People eat their ice cream cones and then put their dirty hands on the window. Sometimes I have shows where I show off my skills by letting people ride on my back.At the zoo it is a little boring but sometimes it is fun.At the zoo I met many other animals and now they are my best friends.Sometime you should visit me in the Merriamsburg Zoo just ask a worker where Holly is. I hope to see you!  

Tanner: regular  Allison: italicized


Free Write 2/19/16

I would rather go scuba diving. I would want to scuba dive because you can see all kinds of animals. It is so beautiful and cool because not everyone can go scuba diving. I would not want to sky dive because you need to land at the right place to survive. With scuba diving you can just explore and go where ever really. In both things you need to know what you are doing. In sky diving you need to have the right gear so you don’t die. In scuba diving you need to have the right gear also so you can live. Even though they are both dangerous I would still go. You can see God’s creation in the sea. Also you can see the reefs and see the awesome plants that live there. This is why I would rather go scuba diving than sky diving.

What would life be like if we could not vote?

-If there was no voting system the world would hate the government. How you ask? It’s because if we could not vote the government would be denying the constitutional laws. In the constitution it says that the government has treat the people with respect, so they basically have to let the people express their personal feelings which would include voting.


If there was no voting system are whole government go down and down and down until it is nothing. Back when voting just was started only white men that were land owners could only votes but what if they couldn’t vote.If they could not vote we would probably could not vote not even women or 18 year olds. If you could not vote how would the country elect their president or vice president? You couldn’t it would impossible and a mad house/country. You could not vote on anything so there would be laws that make no sense and maybe there could 15 presidents at one time! It could be possible because there is no way you can vote one or two of them out.

This is what would happen you could not vote anything craziness. There would be no governors or mayors because of course that is not possible. Are you glad that we can vote on things? So the next time you think that voting is unneeded think again. Hopefully there is no day that are government disallows voting and letting share our opinion by voting.    

Free Write 2/5/16

Hi, this is your local weather women Allison Zimmerman reporting on channel 8 news at 5 o’  clock. There is a massive snow storm heading for Lancaster County. There will be a blizzard watch from 5 o’clock Friday to Monday at 8 o’clock. This watch has already began and will rapidly continue. Stores may be putting higher prices on snow idem’s like gloves, shovels, and many other idem’s to. We will now look at are skycams. In Lancaster a little bit of snow is falling. In Harrisburg it looks the same as Lancaster. In Gettysburg the snow is rapidly falling and in all of the places in Lancaster County there will be at least be 8 inches in he morning. We will now turn it over to Tim Yoder in Berks County. Well Allison the there is a huge storm here as you can see. There is 6 inches here now. The highways are covered and if you are traveling on any road you will probably get suck. Back to you. Thank You Tim!

How to become A US Presidential Candidate

How to become a US Presidential Candidate Summary

State of the Union debate European Parliament via Compfight

I would summarize How to Become a US president Candidate by doing it in order. First you have to be born in the United  States and must be 35 years old.Then you must belong to a political party. Then, the candidate has to attend a national convention. Then, they have to who receives the majority of the delegates votes to become the party candidate for the office of President of the US.

Here is my summary for how to become a US Presidential Candidate.  First, you first must be a natural born US citizen. You must also be at least 35 years old. Also you must know all of the presidential duties and rolls. Another very important thing to think about is getting support from major parties. You must be chosen by political party.

These are all the steps you must follow to become a Presidential candidate. There are a lot of steps but worth it in the end. What would be better than running a country? It might be hard at first but you might get use to it. Do you want to be the president of the US?

Challenge at Sea

Hi my name is Olivia and I am going to tell you a story. Well it all started on July 18, 2001. My family and I were getting ready to go on my dad’s boat that he just bought that spring. As we got to the boat my grandma and grandpa greeted us.” Hi ” I said with a big smile. “How are you”? As I pushed the boat away from the shore I felt like this was going to be a time I would never forget. I went to the bottom of the where I took a seat next to my cousin Heidi. ” Do you want a smoothie”? my other cousin Bri asked. As my aunt Jodi came down the stairs to the bottom of the boat it rocked back and forth. I quickly took my cousin’s hand held on for dear life. What was going happen to us?

The best things to do on a snow day!

`Allison- Purple

Georgina- Aqua


What is the best thing to do on a snow day? Stay tuned to find out! One thing you can do is go to a trampoline park to jump like a kangaroo. Another thing you could do on a snow day is drink hot chocolate.You could even watch a movie. One other thing that you can do is go sledding on a blanket of snow.  These are a few activities to enjoy during a snow day. Want to hear more keep on reading.


In this paragraph we are going to tell you what you can do outdoors. Some activities you can do is build a 25 five foot snowmen if you want but if you don’t want to that’s okay. Another outdoor activity to enjoy on a snow day is go sledding. All you need to do is grab your sled,put on your boots and you’re set! Also you can go build a snow fort if you want. You can have a snowball fight a throw a snowball at your sibling or siblings. So get on coat,scarf, boots, mittens or gloves, hat, and your snow pants. So get moving and get outside to have fun.                                          

Now that we’ve covered outdoor activities,we can move on inside your warm,comfy house you can toss your gloves, hat and come inside. Some great activities that you can do is inside  are as simple as just reading your favorite book to playing with your brother or sister. Another thing that you can do is do some crafts with your friends or take the time to study a subject you love. One other thing that you can do watch your favorite movie or take the time to clean your room. This is what you can do on a snow day.