Activity 1! Week 6 blog Challenge!

There are so many different kinds of food here in the United States! One of the most popular kinds of food is pizza. There are many kinds of pizza but the most popular is probably cheese. Another food that is popular is ice cream. It is very creamy and comes in all different kinds of favors. Cake is also a popular food. Usually cake is a treat on your birthday or a holiday. One last food is sandwiches. There are different kinds to. The most popular is probably PB&J. These are some popular foods in the United States.

Free write 4/25/16!

Wow Look down there! All I see is blue and a little bit of green. This is my first time traveling to earth and I think it is the best place to go. On this planet there are more than 7 billion people. The most important things so earth are air and water because they need them to survive. Also this plant has 1 moon instead of are planet which has two. Another thing that earth has is plants and animals which is super cool. Are planet only has plants so it was super cool to see some animals. Earth is not the same size as other planets to. On earth you do not need a oxygen tank to breath. Another thing is that you do not float on earth so you can run as much as you want. All in all I highly suggest going to Earth.

Story! Blog Challenge Week 5!

Fort Davis Wagon Scott Sanford via Compfight

Hi my name is Ruth. My family is traveling in this wagon for over 3 months. In are wagon we had 3 baskets of food and 5 blankets one for each one of are family. My Pa thinks we are somewhere in the middle of the United States. I can not wait to get to the west. We are joining Ma’s Pa and Ma. Also in are wagon we have a barrel of water. It is super rocky here, but the views are very pretty. I am a little sad that we had to leave are little house. I heard many stories of bad thing happening along the journey to the west. I have a feeling that nothing is going to happen to us. Along the way I read and do sewing. There are tons of things in the back of the wagon. There is no room anywhere in are wagon so it feels you are always sitting on something. Crash,Bang,Boom!

Free Write 4/1/16

Pretend that you are a raindrop. Describe what you see and do on your adventure though the water cycle.

Over and Over again. Hi I am Sally the raindrop. It is so exciting going though the water cycle. My family and friends are with me to. Up here I can see everything up here. We play tag and other fun things.We also have food my favorite is ice cream. Up here the population is 2.1 billion people. We also go to school and read. My favorite subject is LA because of my teacher. All the raindrops drive but they are probably to small for you. I would not be anything else but a raindrop. I have everything I need to survive and much more. Would become a raindrop? Someday you should come and visit me. Have a wonderful day and I hope you enjoyed learning about me a raindrop does for fun and for work. Bye!

Quiz of my Town! Week 4 blog Challenge!

  1. When did Pennsylvania become a state? 
  2.  What are the two football teams in Pennsylvania?
  3.   What is Pennsylvania's state animal?
  4.  What is the capital of Pennsylvania?
  5.  What is Pennsylvania's nickname?
  6.  What is the largest city in Pennsylvania?
  7. What is population of Pennsylvania?
  8. During the Civil War what side was Pennsylvania on?                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               Answers: 1.1787 2. 2 3. White tailed deer 4. Harrisburg 5. The Keystone State 6. Philadelphia 7. 12.79 8. Union