Where I would want to go! Week 4 Blog Challenge

The place I would really want to go is Germany. There is Pros and Cons to this place but I would still want to go. One reason why I really want to go there because family is from Germany. Another reason why I would what to go is because there is tons of history and tons of things to explore. Some Cons would be that they don’t speak the same language as me so it would be difficult to understand what they are saying. Another con is there is signs in erman that I would not understand. This is why I would want to go to Germany.

A Year in my Town! Week 4 Blog Challenge!

There are so many things that go on in my town. I guess that I will start from the beginning of the year to the end of the year.The first festival of the year is New Year’s Day. This holiday is celebrated around the world just at different times. In the U.S there is a ball drop that counts down from 10. At 0 it is the next year and usually fireworks go off.  The second festival is Valentine’s Day. This festival/ holiday is on February 14th every year. This holiday is from Ancient Rome. The colors for this holiday are white, red, and pink. This is the second holiday of the year. The third holiday of the year is St. Patrick’s Day. This holiday is from Ireland but people around the world celebrate it. It is March 17th every year. The color for St. Patrick’s Day is green. Mostly everyone wears green on St. Patrick’s Day. The next holiday  is  Easter. Easter falls 40 days after Ash Wednesday every year. Every year Easter is on a different day. Easter is when Jesus rose from the dead. The next holiday is Memorial Day. This year Memorial day is on May 30th. This holiday is celebrated to honor people who served in the U.S armed forces. The colors for this holiday are red, white, and blue. The next holiday is Mother’s day. This holiday is to celebrate what mom’s do. This holiday always happens on the on the first Sunday in May. Then it is Father’s Day. This holiday celebrates what dad’s do. Every year it falls on the 3rd Sunday in June. The next next holiday is Independence Day. This day celebrates are country independence from the British. The colors are also red,white, and blue. The next holiday is Labor Day. This holiday is held to honor working people. The next day is Columbus Day. This holiday celebrates Columbus who discovered the United States in 1492. The next holiday is Thanksgiving. This is holiday celebrates giving thanks to everything and everyone. The next holiday is Christmas. This holiday celebrates when Jesus is born. Every year Christmas falls on December 25th. There are lights and trees everywhere around this time. These are just some of the holidays. I look forward to every one but, it is really hard to keep them all straight. What holidays do you celebrate? Which holiday is your favorite and which is your least favorite?

3 Amazing Places to Visit in the United States! Week 4 Blog Challenge!

The first amazing place is the Grand Canyon. The Grand Canyon is in the state of Arizona. In 1919 the Grand Canyon became a national park. Did you know that the rock at the bottom of the canyon is 2 billion years old? The Canyon reaches 18 miles across, and 277 miles in length. The Grand Canyon was the 17th national park in the USA. Every year there are about 5 million people from all over the world come and see the Grand Canyon.

The second amazing place is Washington D.C. There are some many things to see in Washington. The number one most awesome thing is the huge White House. In case you don’t know what that is it is where the President and his family live. Another thing to do is visit the Lincoln Memorial. This is a place that honors the 16th president Abraham Lincoln. You can visit the United States Botanic Garden. This is a indoor garden that has exotic plants. Also you can visit the Washington Monument. This is a Building that over looks water and it is named after George Washington. There are so many other things that you can do to in Washington D.C.

The third amazing place is Myrtle Beach. This beach is located in the state of South Carolina. In the summer the population is 350,000. Every year there are 3.4 rounds of golf played in the area. There are more than 425 hotels around the Myrtle beach area. In the area of the beach there are so many awesome things to do. Whether you want spend a day on the beach or go exploring Myrtle Beach has you coveredLa Baie d'Audierne (Finistère) Bretagne - France / The Bay of Audierne (Finistère) Brittany - FranceGuy Le Page via CompfightRaven at Grand Canyon Rich Herrmann via CompfightThe Vietnam Veterans Memorial ReflectionsCreative Commons License www.GlynLowe.com via Compfight 

Race Along The Rocks


              My name is Tiffany and my family and I are part of the Race along the Rocks in the Grand Canyon. My family was picked out of 1 billion families. It all started on June 14, 2014 when we got a letter in the mail. It read:


            Dear Jeff and Maddie Horst,

Your family has been picked to Race along the Rocks.Please keep these days open July 28- August 10. You may drive or fly. We hope to see you there.




We left on July 20, 2014. My dad was getting all worked up about us being late. Finally, we were off. “Let’s hit the road” my dad said. On the way I played games with Corbin, Natalie, and Mckenzie also known as my siblings. The views were so beautiful outside. “ Earth to Tiffany, it’s your turn”. What is it”! It is your turn in UNO. “Ok”! My mom, Maddie, had tons of snacks along for the trip which was great. “It’s as hot as the sun” I said as we pulled into a small gas station. “Where are we”? Mckenzie asked. “We are in Kansas only 6 hours to the Grand Canyon” said dad.


Six hours later we were there. It was burning hot even hotter than in Kansas. As I looked out on the canyon I saw two other families meeting each other. I ran to meet them. I yelled and the whole canyon shook. I was so excited I could feel the trees talking to me. The first people I met were Jessie and Montanna, they were sisters. I couldn’t wait to meet more people.


On the day of the race there were 16 people waiting at the starting line. We stood there as a guy named Bob told us all the directions. We renamed him Bob the Boring. All the families did some exercises and talked a little. The race is about to start.


My family ran and ran we practiced a long time for this race. As we ran my shoelaces swished. My family was in the lead and we just needed to run three more miles. Boom,Boom,Boom! “What was that”! Corbin said.


The rock avalanche trapped us between the finish line and the other racers. We were all super scared and wondered how we would ever get out. “Now what should we do”? exclaimed Corbin. “I know what”shouted Natalie . “What”! We should make alliterations”! “A what”. “An alliteration like this one Sally saw shells by the sea”. “Well I’m not doing that. “Ok then we’ll just sit here bored to death”! “No we to yell for help” said dad. “ Help, Help, Help, Help, Help, Help”!  


Finally, we heard people running by. We yelled and yelled as loud as we could. The second family passed us and kept on running. It felt like we’re sitting here forever. Finally, we heard more footsteps. Like we did before we yelled and yelled for help.


We heard the footsteps stop. “Are you ok”! “Yes we are”! It was the Mack’s!“We are trying to get you out of there”. “Alright”. “Go that way and I will go this way”. We heard them talking outside of the rocks. “Over here I found a way in”!


Our whole family crawled over to a little opening about 500ft away. We got out and we all started running to the finish line. We got in second place not bad for being stuck in rocks along the way. Thank goodness for the family that helped us. We still stay in touch with the Mack’s  and go to there house every summer. I had so much fun that summer and I look forward to 10 years from now to see the 10th annual Race along the Rocks.  

Blog Challenge Week 3! FDR!

Hi my name is Franklin Delano Roosevelt and I am going to tell you about my life. I was born on January 30th 1882 in Hyde Park , New York. My parents are James Roosevelt and Sara Ann Delano Roosevelt. My family was wealthy, and I was the only child but I did have a half brother. When I was 14 I went to a small boarding school in Massachusetts called Groton School. My first job was a apprentice lawyer in 1907. When I was young I had a lot of tutors to help with my school work. In my early years I was not good at sports and made a big effort to do better.


I went to Harvard University and Columbia University Law School. Few weeks into Harvard my dad died in 1900. My fifth cousin Theodore Roosevelt is one who I greatly admire got me into politics. In 1910 I ran for the New York senate and won!I supported Woodrow Wilson and I was rewarded with being the appointment candidate as Assistant Secretary of the Navy. I was 6 feet 2 inches. I had brown hair and had blue-grey eyes. On August 10, 1921 I got polio this means I was paralyzed. I got polio when I was in New Brunswick, Canada. I was most likely got have got it at a large boy scout encampment at Bear Mountain, NY in July of that year. I tried many things to regain my strength in my lower legs. For a few winters I cruised Florida’s warm waters to help my legs this seemed to help a little. Then I spent two summers with a doctor who made me exercise my legs.       


My family was wonderful even though I didn’t spend a lot of time will them. My family was big supporters in my life in politics. On March 17th ,1905 I was married to Eleanor Roosevelt which was my fifth cousin. Eleanor and I had one daughter and five sons which one of these died in infancy. My daugher Anna was born on May 3, 1906 she grew up to be a writer. Next, is James but he liked to be called “Jimmy”. James was born on December 23, 1907 and grew up to be a businessman.Third is Elliott he was born on September 23, 1910. When he grew up he was an author. Forth is Franklin he was born on August 17, 1914. He grew a became an American Politician. My last son is John, and he born March 13, 1916.


In 1932 I was elected for President for my first term. In my campaign speech I said my really famous quote, “ The only thing we have to fear is fear itself. In my time as president I said many quotes such as this one “ There are many ways of going forward, but only one way of standing still”. Some of my quotes were funny, but most of my quotes were serious and got right to my point I was trying to make. I was elected as a democrat and my Vice President was Harry S. Truman. It was a hard to be president because of the Great Depression at the time of my first and second term. In August 14,1935 I sighed the Social Security Act. In 1936 I was elected my second term. At the end of my second term World War 2 started which was not an easy decision to make. In 1940 I was elected for my third term. I realized that I was elected more than any other president which was such a great honor.In my third term the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor. This was one of the biggest things that I faced during my presidency. I was elected again for my fourth term in 1944. We were still at war at the time and it was hard to run a country.


On April 12, 1945 Franklin Delano Roosevelt died. At this time Roosevelt was still in his 4 term . Franklin did not die in Washington but in Warm Springs, Georgia.  Warm Springs, Georgia was a place that Franklin went find strength to resume his political career. Franklin was a great man and a wonderful president. In his presidency he overcame many things and the great depression. Franklin will will live on and remain one of the greatest presidents of all time.  



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Free write 3/21/16

Imagine you find Jack’s beanstalk and climb it. At the top you spot the castle and decide to explore. Once inside the giant notices you. Write about what happens next.

Wow this thing is huge! Just to let you know I love climbing things especially big tall things. Well I might as well start climbing it. That was the longest trip ever. Where am I? All I is clouds and a and a giant castle. I also love exploring so exploring that castle over there is right up my ally. Everything is huge up here! Red carpets and glass china this castle is high end. Boom Boom! What was that? Any way I will just keep on walking. I went though a huge dining room with a table that had 28 chairs! Then, I went though the library, then 10 bedrooms, and last but not the least the kitchen. The one thing I noticed about everything was twice the size than on Earth. Boom! HAAAAAAAAAA! What are you doing in my castle? I was just exploring. Well would you like to join me for lunch? Sure where is the dining room? Over to your left about 300 steps. As we got to the dining  room there were 20 servants waiting to serve us. There was mashed potatoes and steaks. We talked as we where waiting for dessert.


Activity 4! Week 2 blog challenge!

The first blog that I left a comment on was Rachel’s Blog. On Rachel’s Blog I commented on her post titled Rachel’s Commenting Guidelines. I left a comment on her blog because I want to see what she thought  was a good comment. This is the comment I left her: Hi Rachel,
I really like how you organized your post. I also like how you added images about commenting. I wish you would have added more commenting guidelines in your post. Why did you add a picture of computer keys on your post? The link to my blog is http://blog.elanco.org/zimmermaab/. Have a wonderful day Rachel!

The next blog that I commented on was Sophie’s blog. The post I commented on was titled Student Blogging Challenge – Week 2. I left a comment on this post because her blog looked interesting. This is the comment:Hi Sophie,
I love that you added a lot of reasons about commenting guidelines. I wish you would have added more commenting guidelines. Why did you write happy holidays at the end of your post? Bye!

The third blog that I commented on was Kyndal’s Blog. The post that I commented on was titled How to Comment. I left the comment because her blog looked very organized. This is the comment I left:Hi Kyndal,
I really like how your blog is so organized. I wish you would have added vivid words. Why did you add how to get to the comments? Bye!

The last blog that I went to was Darcey’s Blog. The post that I commented on was titled Student Blogging Challenge: Commenting. I commented on her blog because her blog sounded really cool. I left her this comment:Hi Darcey,
I really like how you added where you made your poster. I wish you would have added more comment guidelines. Why did you write the obvious leave a link ? Have a great day! The link to my blog ishttp://blog.elanco.org/zimmermaab/.

These all the blogs I commented on and I enjoyed commenting on all of them. I can’t wait to do more posts and more comments on blogs around the world. Have a abundant day!


How can drama help you better understand the feelings and viewpoints of characters?

DSC_8245.jpg Wes A via Compfight

Hanna- Bold

Allison- Italicized


       It can help me tell they’re feeling and viewpoints by how they acted in that situation. Like for example if they yelled a lot then they probably yell a lot outside that situation. Another thing that can help me talk in different voices of what the characters are like. Drama is like a problem and in every book I read before there is a problem. If you can tell the the characters feelings and viewpoints then this will be easy for you.


Another thing is you can tell how they act outside of the situation. In some of the books that I read there is usually always a problem, and in that problem there is usually always drama. Sometimes in books there is only drama so you can’t always tell how the characters in the book react to certain things or just how they act in general. Usually books aren’t just drama upon drama upon drama, there is usually something else that is in the book not just drama. Drama can really help you understand the problem(s) in every book because it is basically a problem.


Once you do any of these things you will be able to know the feelings and viewpoints of the characters. If these all don’t work for you then try to come up with something on the drama that you are reading. If you don’t have any drama that you are reading you can always do this in any book. Most likely there will drama in any book because if there wasn’t  any the book would be boring. Have fun reading drama and using you drama reading skills.

Comment, Comment , Comment

The first thing you should do is start telling how wonderful there post is . Try tell them at least 2 reasons why you love there post. Then tell them something they need to improve on. Then ask questions to spark a conversation with the author. You should always start your comment with Hi or Dear. Don’t tell any information about where you go to school or where you live exactly. At the end of your comment tell them to have a good day and to keep on blogging.

Free Write 3/11/16

If I went to a foreign country and I didn’t speak there language I would use my hands and feet to act out what I would be trying to say. I would do this because I couldn’t talk in English because they wouldn’t .  If that does not work then I would draw out what I wanted them to do.For example if I wanted a drink I would draw a cup of water. If I wanted to go somewhere I would draw and arrow to the way I wanted to go. If I wanted a drink again I would get a cup of water. If they grabbed it out of my hand then I would put it back and move on and go to the next house. This is how I talk to people in a foreign country.