Week 7 Blog Challenge! No Power!

If we had no power I have no clue what we would do. It would be very boring. If we had no power are schools would be so different. Also are environment would be bad because tons of trees would be cut down to make paper. You could not call your friends or even do the Blog Challenge. Yes life would be pretty boring. But could having no power help?

Yes, having no power would help. Having no power kids would play outside more so kids would get more exercise. Also everyone would be reading more so people could get smarter. Are lifestyle would change for good. Everyone could learn more because people would not be watching TV. People could figure out things on there instead of looking thing up on youtube. It could be bad though because school’s could start using more paper. Also people could get angry more often when they can’t find something. Some games would not even be created without power. Would you want the power to go out in your Country? How would your lifestyle change for good or bad?


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