Week 10 Blog Challenge! My blog!

I can’t believe that the Blog Challenge is actually almost over. I wrote 25 posts in time of the blog challenge. I wrote 6 that were school based, 18 that set by the challenge. I also got 19 comments from all over world. The post with the most comments was 3 amazing places to visit in the United States. I think this post got the comments because people from all over the world wanted to know amazing places in the US. My favorite post that wrote was FDR. I really enjoyed writing this post because I like learning about history. I changed my theme two times because a lot of people had the same theme.

The blog challenge was a wonderful experience for me. Mostly because I got to improve my writing skills and met new people. One thing I would change about the Blog Challenge is adding another free choice week. The blog Challenge is great thing and I would totally do it again. Thanks to everyone who read my blog.