Number the Stars!


Michaela:: Italicised


Have you ever wondered what it was like for Jewish people in World War 2? In the book Number the Stars Annemarie, Kirsti, and Ellen go through some harsh things/problems. In the first chapter Annemarie, Ellen, and Kirsti have an encounter with some Nazi soldiers. They were scared, and really just wanted to get home. I think that’s why it affected her, she’s never has to talk to a soldier/s before and to have to do that is scary. When she got home she started to question why the king let the Nazi’s take over Denmark, and was asking her family a lot of questions ever since the Nazi’s have taken over.


How would it make you feel to get sent away from your family? This is just one of the hardships that Jewish people and their friends went through. In the book Annemarie’s family hid Ellen as Lise the sister that died because the Germans were looking for Jewish families. If I were  in Ellen shoes I would be super scared and probably would try not to talk at all. If I were in Ellen’s shoes, or just even any other Jewish person’s shoes I would be very scared and not want to see any of the soldiers, I also wouldn’t want to hide because if I did get caught I could get in lots of trouble. I would also miss my family very much. For me, it isn’t very hard to imagine because it happened, so it gives me a better understanding of what happened, which can better put me in the position
That’s what we think about how Jewish people were treated in World War 2. Also, How the encounter with the Nazi soldiers affected Annemarie, How would it make you feel to be apart from your family and your friends? Is it hard for you to imagine what they went through? We also recommend the book Number the Star by Lois Lowry.