October 29

Global Goal 6, Clean Water and Sanitation

What are the Global Goals?

The global goals are problems that are planet are facing. And we are trying to accomplish them by 2030. You see there are 17 of them and today were focusing on goal 6 clean water and sanitation.

What even is clean water and sanitation?

First let’s start off with clean water. For example people are drinking water from ponds and streams when it could be really dirty and could have bad diseases that can kill you. Well a man named Michael Pritchard made a bottle called the lifesaver bottle. It can filter any disgusting water. Even the world’s smallest bacteria and virus can’t even get in this lifesaver bottle. But overall, clean water is a important goal. Now to sanitation. Good sanitation is really important goal. Good sanitation is water that you use for homes and things like that. The water that comes out of your sink or your bathrooms and shower must be clean because if your already dirty then your just taking a dirty shower. This goal is really important because water is a resource that everyone needs and that’s why we need to keep it clean and to make sure that everyone gets clean water and sanitation.



What are you going to do to help this goal?        

Comment down below and idea.




October 8

The Global Goals

The Global Goals are world goals that we are trying to accomplish by 2030. But if we don’t then it gets worse and worst and keeps on getting worst. There are 17 goals. These are the Global Goals!



There are important because it’s the whole world not just our country. And that’s why we need everyone to help. Because if one person is doing it they don’t want to fly 10 times a day. That’s why we  need everyone’s help no matter where you are. I know you guys can can do it. Make sure to tell your school about it or maybe even blog about it like I did. Comment down below the goal you want to accomplish. My is life below water and that’s what I’ll be talking about in the next blog post. See Ya later.