September 23

Billy Bob Adventures Part 1

Hi my name is Billy Bob, and this is my story on how we destroyed natural disasters, hope you enjoy. 


It was a tuesday morning and Billy Bob was going out to the farm like he always did with his son Billy Bob Jr. They went out there all day to make their butter sculptures. Billy Bob Jr goes for an handful of butter he see and purple stone that said, 4 wishes only, but be careful because you can never return on what wished for. Billy Bob Jr put the stone in his pocket and returned to making butter sculpture.


They head inside for a lunch break. They came back out and saw that the butter was all melted into butter you can drink. They went back inside and spent the rest of their day inside. The next morning they took a day off to go to the beach. When they get there they found this perfect spot to sit. They got in the water and saw this huge wave coming. Every lifeguard there yells “TSUNAMI” they got out of the water and got back in there car and got away as fast as they can. As they are driving they feel the ground start to shake and out of nowhere a huge hole on the ground appears. Billy Bob slams on the brake and says everyone out. They stand on top of the car and Billy Bob says “jump”. They jumped and grabbed on to a megalodons fin and drifted all the way back to their house.


They get inside and smell like something was on fire. They go upstairs and see the whole upstairs is on fire. They get back on their megalodon and left from Chicago to Texas.


They wandered around for awhile because they never went to Texas. They started to feel high speed winds and then it started to downpour. They went and took shelter because Billy Bob knew it was coming from his everyday news on the tv. It was a hurricane Bobby that was hitting. They waited and waited for it to pass but it just wouldn’t. It took 4 weeks to pass. But the floods went all the way up the skyscraper. They were on there megalodon and looked back at Chicago and they looked at each other and said “Let’s go”. They went there and never returned.


       To Be Continued…        

September 23

Just Kidding :) Billy’s Bob Adventure

       Just Kidding Billy Bob didn’t die


They went to Chicago and saw a little boy and his name was Mr. Billy Bob which weirded them out because he had the same name as them. So then they got back on there megalodon and went to go on their cruise ship the booked today. It was named the titanic. They had to leave there megalodon because the wouldn’t let him on.  They got on and after a while a really loud noise goes off. Then you hear the captain speaking “We’ve been hit by an iceberg I repeat we’ve been hit by an iceberg”! Billy Bob Jr put his fingers in his mouth and blew. He whistled to call over the megalodon. The megalodon pops out of nowhere and they get on his back and head to the nearest place. North Carolina .


                  The End


         Part 2 Coming Soon!   

         Here’s a sneak peak

Billy Bob Jr asked where they were. “Africa” said Billy Bob.

There are so many animals here. Look there’s a bamboo house, let’s go check it out. AHHHHHHHH. They take a moment to realize what they have done.  Were in so much trouble Billy Bob Jr.

September 23

Raiders Documentary #1

Alrighty let’s get to work. If you guys are a raiders fan than make sure you visit this blog every week monday and friday at 10:00 eastern time for a documentary on the raiders for there big games.


Ok this week we play the dolphins. There 2-0 and were 0-2 but that doesn’t matter. The dolphins played the worst teams for their first 2 games, we played good teams. But if we’re gonna win we’re gonna have to stop there running game because against the broncos was terrible. Phillip Lindsay and Royce Freeman just ran it all over us. Our cornerbacks need to stop giving up pass interference and letting them get easy 1st downs. Now let’s get to the broncos game. I just wanna say they should not of won that game. Ok listen to this story, I was out in my garage with my dad and brother and my dad’s friend came over and was watching the game with us and we score a touchdown and my dad’s friend said that we should go for a two point conversion because there gonna kick a field goal and win the game and what do you know they kick a field goal and win by 1 POINT. The rams game was just terrible I don’t even wanna talk about it.  Well that’s all the time I got today but if you want a chance to get a shoutout comment down below #raidersfan. Goodbye everybody.