December 23

Chapter 4: New Super Powers?!?


( If you haven’t read superheroes chapter 1,2,3 then go to the search bar and you’ll see them all )

So the alarm went off and they got on their super suits and they went to the city. When they got there they saw him and ran up to him. He was a monster he had a fish head with a human body!!  Jake said who do you work for and the monster said The Shadow. The four superheroes said at the same time WHAT!!  So then Jackson said “ What happen to you” He said “ He cut my head off and cut someone’s head off and put my head on the body “ All right night night time” Tank says. Then Tank punches him and knocks him out cold.


So they took him to the base and told sensei Kevin what happen. So sensei Kevin told them what happened to him. He said “ He put him in the blue ooze to put his head on the human body and if we can take out the blue ooze from him and give you all new super powers!!! The great news of the fish-human was very exciting for the team.   So sensei Kevin rewarded them new powers. Their powers didn’t just come naturally though they came through. A necklace with a crystal on it gave them their powers. If they forgot the necklace they would be useless. Then they got their powers and had to find them out?

What will their powers be?


                                      To Be Continued…