December 13

Your Invited!!

               New Years Party!!!

             By: Owen and Freida

                  You’re Invited!!                                                                                                                                                                      ( If you can’t make it call ahead of time 12/28/16   354-250-4977 )

When: December 31st at 6:00 PM

Where: 2502 Smith Ave, 23rd street,

Why: To Celebrate The New Year 2017

Please participate in Bringing a hot or cold dish and please participate in bringing your snow suits if it snows. ( We are providing food too )       We will keep you updated if anything happens 

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December 13

I Nominate For…

Felipe ’s blog           Activity: 2   By: Owen         Week 9 Blog Challenge

I nominate for Felipe blog’s cause he tells so much about his life and it’s so amazing. He deserves to nominated because he writes stories about the topic and then takes a picture about the topic.

He deserves to be nominated because he makes the coolest stories ever because it’s his life. Life is amazing!! I would not even know about him if he didn’t tell about his life.

So Felipe’s blog needs to win cause he has fascinating stories and awesome pictures at the end. Nominate for Felipe!!  pictures     Picture found from