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Kevin Starks – Culinary – Co-Op

My name is Kevin Starks and I work at Garden Spot Village, located in New Holland, Pennsylvania.

I work in the kitchen where I prepare food for residents. We keep food in steam tables to preserve a safe temperature for consumption. What I commonly do during the day is come in around 11, make sure my steam tables and grills are turned to the right temperature, as well as making sure my vents are on.  I am going to work towards being a supervisor sometime before the end of the school year.

I have grown from this experience by honing my multitasking skills. I also have been in a leadership position for a few months now, so I’ve been learning how to guide and direct people. At first, I struggled with telling people what to do multiple times. Now, I’m learning how to be more consistent with my authority. This is influencing my future goals by teaching my how to be a leader. I’m going to start my own business when I’m in my mid 20’s, so I’m learning how to lead people now, so I have an idea on how to do that later.


jhackman • January 17, 2023

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