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Kolby Stoltzfus – Farm Manager – Co-Op

My name is Kolby Stoltzfus, I am a senior at Garden Spot High School. I am enrolled in the Co-Op work program at Garden Spot. For my Co-Op, I work at Warwick Manor Dairy. Warwick Manor is my family’s dairy farm located in East Earl. I am the herdman at Warwick Manor, and my duties include day-to-day tasks such as feeding and milking the cows. I also do all the general maintenance on all the machinery. 

Being able to Co-Op at Warwick Manor allows me to achieve my future career. I plan to one day take over my family’s farm and being able to work more during the days helps me achieve that goal. I get to work alongside my dad and learn from him how to manage the farm. My day consists of milking or feeding in the mornings. After I get home from school I do day work. That can be anything from bedding heifers pens with shavings to working on the equipment in the shop. 

At Warwick Manor, we also show our cows at local and national shows. During show season I spend a lot of time walking the cows and heifers to train them for the shows. I also spend a lot of time clipping the cows and heifers. I’ve learned a lot from working with my dad. I’ve taken on a lot more responsibility being on the farm more often this year. I’ve learned a lot about feeding from my dad and now I manage most of the feeding. I also learned a lot about genetics and breeding. I plan to take the Select Sires artificial insemination course this year so I can help my dad with breeding on the farm. 

This program is great for my career goals and helps me succeed in my future plans. Every day I am always learning new things working with the cows. I really enjoy being in this program and the opportunities it gives me. Next semester I get to spend even more time at Warwick Manor working alongside my dad. I am excited to learn more about genetics and artificial insemination. 


jhackman • January 17, 2023

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