Pathways to Success

Garden Spot High School

Katelyn Davis – Marketing Internship

My name is Katelyn Davis and I am currently an intern a MH Eby Trailers and Truck Bodies, in Blue Ball, in their marketing department. I work mainly with Cynthia Burrey (Office Manager), Ryan Pabon (Marketing Manager), and Erin Varley (Vice President of Sales Development). I am at Eby twice a week, on Tuesdays and…

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Zac Nagle – Communications Internship

Have you ever felt like you were overwhelmed by the amount of opportunities in front of you? Probably not a common feeling but can be scary nonetheless. That’s how I was feeling this fall as I pondered my future, and I knew I had to do something to try and solve this dilemma. Luckily I…

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Autumn Hedrick – Graphic Design Internship

I am Autumn Hedrick and I am currently interning at Weber Advertising in Lancaster, PA. It’s been eight weeks since I started my internship and I’ve already learned so much and gained many skills. After I finish my internship, I hope to put my skills to use through a career in digital art, although which…

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Kaiya Boll – Media & Communications Internship

My name is Kaiya Boll, and I am the Media and Communications intern in the ELANCO district office under Mr. Justin Johnson. Through this internship, I am learning about solidifying a business’s brand on social media, as well as all the work that goes into maintaining positive relationships between the school and the general community….

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Cameron Proviano – Film Production Internship

I have been participating in an internship at Reading Film Studio LLC, in Reading PA. Originally I started my internship around November of 2020, but then connected my affiliation with the studio to the Pathways Program for the second semester of my senior year. Since then I have created and helped produce advertisements, interviews, and…

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Jemma Lindquist – Graphic Design Internship

My name is Jemma Lindquist. I’m a senior at Garden Spot and an intern at Weber Advertising in Lancaster. I’ve been interning here for about two months, although I missed some time due to COVID-19. The experience has been great so far and I’m excited to continue through the rest of the semester! My job…

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Hannah Ravert – Graphic Design Internship

I’m Hannah and I’m an intern at Weber’s Marketing and Advertising in Lancaster, PA. After high school, I’d liked to pursue something involving graphic communications, design, and business. Ideally, I’d major in graphic communication and minor in business at a college close by so I can commute from home. I’ve really enjoyed my time at…

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