Pathways to Success

Garden Spot High School

John Serdy – IT Internship

Hey! My name is John and I’m currently an intern at Garden Spot’s technology help desk. Through my internship, I have gained a greater insight into the possibilities for my future career, and given me valuable experience that I can use in the real world. Through being mentored by Mr. Bowman, a Garden Spot Desktop…

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Noah Hodge – IT Internship

Hello! I’m Noah Hodge, and I am interested in the field of Computer Science, more specifically the tech support side of IT. To help gain some experience in this field, I was offered the opportunity to work as an intern at Main Street IT Solutions in the helpdesk department. Tech support is mostly digital now,…

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Max Kotok – Technology Co-Op

Hello, my name is Max Kotok, I am a senior at Garden Spot High School. At this time I am on a co-op program working at DN Printer Solutions in Ephrata, PA. I decided to go into the co-op program because it allows me to work halfway through the school day and I can earn…

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Conner Burger – IT Internship

Last semester I had the opportunity to have an internship with the Garden Spot Technology Department in New Holland and within only a few weeks it has changed my view on the entire industry. When going through the process of getting all the paperwork in at the end of my junior year I expected the work…

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