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Max Kotok – Technology Co-Op

Hello, my name is Max Kotok, I am a senior at Garden Spot High School. At this time I am on a co-op program working at DN Printer Solutions in Ephrata, PA. I decided to go into the co-op program because it allows me to work halfway through the school day and I can earn credits while working.

Currently, I am working as a warehouse manager over three people organizing printers into their specific models where they are taken and refurbished, cleaned, and either use for parts or resold. As of right now, the company is not big but as my boss stated it has big future plans in growing. Working for this company helped me see what it’s like to work actual hours in a real-world job. Although I don’t see myself working here for long, the staff is always supportive, and there is definitely room for growth in this company. I also think that I can stay in touch with a lot of these people in the future.

Through this class and through the job shadows this class gave to me, I learned I am interested in automotive detailing. Through this class, I can go on job shadows and even get help applying and preparing for a job interview. This school has a lot of great connections to help you get a good job. Some companies can even get you on-the-job training.

Finally, I think that this class helped me realize some of the career options that might want to proceed in the future. I had a lot of options that I wanted to explore but with the job shadow opportunities and the time we had to research companies, I narrowed some of the jobs I actually want to pursue. I would honestly recommend this class to anyone that wants to get out of school and work, and possibly find other career options that they didn’t know they may be interested in.


jhackman • January 14, 2022

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