Pathways to Success

Garden Spot High School


Access Success

What is Access Success:
A differentiated program that allows students to access intrapersonal and professional success.  This program is for students who have not experienced traditional academic success in the expected timeline.  

How Students Qualify for Access Success:

  1. A 4th-year student with16 or fewer credits.
  2. A 5th or 6th-year student.
  3. Candidates may not have an IEP.
  4. Candidates must speak with their school counselor and the Access Success teachers about the program and complete an application to determine eligibility. 
  5. The Access Success Team members will preview each candidate for this program to determine if/why the student would be a good or poor fit based on the student learner’s assets.  
  6. Candidates must be willing to discuss and reflect upon interpersonal and intrapersonal experiences. This is an ongoing reflective process throughout the duration of the program.  
  7. Candidates have the opportunity to earn credits for working.  To earn credits a student must have a job and the required paperwork must be completed (Training Agreement and Plan and clearances from their supervisor if the student is under the age of 18).      
  8. The student-learner must have transportation to/from their job (this could include walking, riding a bike, driving a car, parent/guardian transportation, and provided drop-off/pickup). 
  9. Candidates will graduate with 21 credits. 

Course Information

  1. Graduation Credits:  The student-learner may be considered for PA State Graduation requirements (minimum of 21 credits).  
  2. Credit Recovery:  The student-learner may be considered for the Credit Recovery program.  With approval, the student learner would complete their core credits through this program.  
  3. Access Success Class:  Student-learners will earn 1 credit for the Access Success course taught through Canvas.
  4. Access Success Work:  Student-learners will earn a minimum of 1 credit for working at a job (with completed paperwork).  The student-learner can earn all 5 of the state-required elective credits through the Access Success program.
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