Pathways to Success

Garden Spot High School

Emma Swatski – Medical Internship

Becoming a Nurse has always been something I am interested in, but I needed clarification on what it entails,  how to achieve it, and what kind of Nurse I want to be. Interning at UPMC Lititz Hospital has given me insight into what it means to be a Nurse. I gained tremendous knowledge and experience…

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Ashton Gonzalez – Medical Internship

Hello, my name is Ashton Gonzalez! I am an intern at the Lititz UPMC. I currently volunteer in the Emergency Department on Wednesdays and Fridays. I was super excited to start this internship since I knew I wanted to pursue a career in the medical field after high school. There are tons of options for…

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Ella Wilson – Medical Internship

As I was planning on attending college to become a physician assistant, I began looking for an internship that could give me some quality experience to impress college admissions officers. This internship at UPMC Lititz Hospital was a perfect way for me to gain real experience and learn what being in a hospital setting is…

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Melanie Esh – Medical Internship

My name is Melanie, and I am a senior at Garden Spot High School. This fall, I have the opportunity to intern at Friendship Community, which is group housing for adults with special needs. My position is a direct support professional (DSP); however, I am still in training for it. Some of the job roles…

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Sarah Babb – EMT Internship

My internship as a ride-along at the New Holland Ambulance Company started at the beginning of the year. The ambulance company has two stations, one in New Holland and one in Leola. On Mondays, I get to ride 1st due at the Leola station. “1st due” means that I am on the first ambulance that…

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Hadassah Hoover – Medical Internship

My name is Hadassah Hoover. I have been privileged to intern at Tel Hai Retirement in Honeybrook, PA. At Tel Hai, I am exploring a career in nursing. During my Internship, I am exploring five different areas of medical care in Tel Hai, so I get to experience many various aspects and perspectives in residential…

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Carysse Norris – Medical Internship

Hello, my name is Carysse Norris.  For the second semester of my senior year, I have had the opportunity to intern at Tel Hai Retirement Community in the Health Care branch.  The health care branch consists of two floors, Meadow Brooke and Meadow Ridge.  Each floor contains dining rooms and three wings.  On both floors,…

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