Pathways to Success

Garden Spot High School

Natalie Wirta – Veterinary Internship

This semester, I had the opportunity to intern at New Holland Veterinary in New Holland, PA. On an average day, I assist the vet techs and staff with many tasks, including laundry, washing and wrapping surgical packs, setting up and cleaning up stations, including surgery and dental. I also assist with checking on pets during…

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Madison Myers – Animal Care Internship

When I first started this internship, I was so excited to begin. But over time I became wary that I was picking the right thing for me. I started my first day very nervous because I was unsure what to expect. But it was really fun and I liked it a lot that first day….

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Cierra Hunsecker – Veterinary Internship

Hello, my name is Cierra Hunsecker. My internship is at The New Holland Veterinary Hospital across the street from Garden Spot High School. I have thought about becoming a veterinarian since I was little, and this internship was a perfect opportunity to see what my future would be like. Although I am not able to…

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Zoe Weir – Animal Care Internship

I started interning at Delaware Valley Golden Retriever Rescue (DVGRR) in Reinholds at the beginning of the second semester. I wasn’t planning on doing an internship mostly because there were not many options for my career choice. Mrs. Hackman informed me that she had a dog rescue interested in having an intern that she thought…

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Madison Casey – Veterinary Internship

I intern at the New Holland Veterinary Hospital. Due to the nature of the internship, I mostly shadow. Occasionally I will be able to assist in a small way, folding towels, distracting the dog, or holding the clamp. Furthermore, I am privileged to watch so many surgeries and appointments, learning how everything works. I have…

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Taylor Dickson – Internship Veterinary Skills Assessment

Written by Taylor Dickson During my internship at the New Holland Veterinary Clinic, I have learned a variety of skills that will benefit me in the future.  Although many of the skills I have learned will take a lot of time to perfect to practice on live animals, I have enjoyed being in an environment…

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Taylor Dickson – Veterinary Internship

As a student at Garden Spot High School, I have the opportunity to gain experience outside of the classroom by participating in an internship. My internship takes place at the New Holland Veterinary Hospital in New Holland, Pennsylvania. It’s a small animal practice located across from my high school so it’s an easy commute. Every morning I…

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