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Garden Spot High School

Maggie Martin – EMT Internship

My internship is with the New Holland Ambulance Association. When I signed up for this internship, I knew I was going to like it. I already took an EMR class last January and have been running with Fivepointville since then, so I sort of knew what this internship would hold. Fivepointville doesn’t get as many…

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Emma Kauffman – EMT Internship

Hello! My name is Emma Kauffman, and I am a senior at Garden Spot. I have my internship this semester with the New Holland Ambulance Association, where I get to shadow the EMTs and paramedics. It has been an amazing experience so far. On the job, EMTs have a variety of duties. When they are…

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Amelia Sharp – EMT Medical Internship

My name is Amelia Sharp, and I am a senior this year. This semester I have an EMS internship at the New Holland Ambulance Association located in New Holland. My mentor, Darrel Fisher, is a paramedic and I also get to work with and learn from many EMTs. This opportunity allows me to observe a…

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Syanna Duval – Medical EMT Internship

My name is Syanna Duval and I currently hold an internship at the New Holland Ambulance station located right here in New Holland! There, I am responsible for riding along on emergency calls with the emergency medical technicians (EMTs) who offer service there. Otherwise, I am spending time with them at the station waiting for…

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Sarah Babb – EMT Internship

My internship as a ride-along at the New Holland Ambulance Company started at the beginning of the year. The ambulance company has two stations, one in New Holland and one in Leola. On Mondays, I get to ride 1st due at the Leola station. “1st due” means that I am on the first ambulance that…

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Kendra Halpin – EMT Internship

This school year I was given the opportunity to have an internship with the New Holland EMS station. In the second semester, I was able to continue my experiences with the crew. The second semester brought on a new aspect to my internship, however. Although My internship experience for the second semester was abruptly cut…

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