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Amelia Sharp – EMT Medical Internship

My name is Amelia Sharp, and I am a senior this year. This semester I have an EMS internship at the New Holland Ambulance Association located in New Holland. My mentor, Darrel Fisher, is a paramedic and I also get to work with and learn from many EMTs. This opportunity allows me to observe a fast-paced job in the medical field and gives me great exposure. I have learned so much already and look forward to the rest of the semester.

I attend my internship twice a week on Tuesdays and Wednesdays from 9:00 until 12:15. Each day can look different, and you never know what to expect while on the job. We can get a call at any given moment and must drop whatever we are doing to tend to it. When we get calls, I ride in the back of the ambulance while two other team members sit up front. Although I am not able to do much with the patients, I have been able to help take the litter in and out of the rig, carry bags and necessary materials, and take patients’ blood sugar. These tasks are simple enough and do not require certification, and I am thankful to help in any way and do as much as possible.

When we are not on a call, most mornings I join the team for breakfast at local restaurants. This is a great opportunity to bond with the team, ask questions, and get to know everyone better. We also have a lot of downtime at the station. During this time, everyone does their own thing. I will usually work on any school assignments I have or find something to occupy my time. However, I must be wise to not do anything too time-consuming in the event I get interrupted by a call. This internship has taught me to be prepared for anything and to adjust quickly to situations.

I am grateful for this internship and the opportunity to grow in the ways I have. I have learned so much and have really enjoyed the fast-paced environment of EMS. Although it may not be the exact career path I want to take, I know I want to do something in the medical field, and realized the hospital might be an environment I could enjoy working in. The skills that I observe and learn from this experience will impact me greatly in any career and in life.


jhackman • May 15, 2023

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