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Hannah Ravert – Graphic Design Internship

I’m Hannah and I’m an intern at Weber’s Marketing and Advertising in Lancaster, PA. After high school, I’d liked to pursue something involving graphic communications, design, and business. Ideally, I’d major in graphic communication and minor in business at a college close by so I can commute from home. I’ve really enjoyed my time at my internship and have learned so much this far.

My job duties really change every day because they are such a fast-moving company.  Weber’s Advertising is a business that helps various companies with their advertising needs.  Companies will first contact Weber’s and state their needs.  Next, we make designs for banners, picket signs, stickers and much more.  My daily routine at Weber’s starts with talking to my mentor Tony to see what he wants me to accomplish.  He reviews the project with me discussing what computer program to use, the dimensions needed and how the customer wants the design to look.  Lastly, I create the project and check in with him and make edits based on his feedback.

I’ve worked on many projects so far, I’ve made a retirement banner, a 90th birthday banner, some stickers for church prayer groups, and door stickers for Shady Maple.  I also help out the graphic designer department when needed, such as organizing small grocery cards into sequential order and put “complimentary of Weber’s advertising” stickers on many Tasty Kakes to help advertise their own business.  Finally, I’ve helped the printing department by making a delivery of banners to Postal Connections to ship out to a customer.

This internship has influenced my future career goals.  I now know that I certainly want to pursue a career in graphic design.  I’ve learned that I really do enjoy this line of work and getting to create things using my own creativity to help people grow their own companies.  I’ve had an amazing experience at Weber’s, and I can’t wait to see the types of projects they’ll have in the future. I’ve grown so much in so many ways.  I’ve learned much about myself and graphic design.


jhackman • January 7, 2020

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