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Kayla Faish – Early Childhood Education Internship

Hi, my name is Kayla Faish and I’m currently an intern at Blue Ball Elementary School. I work with a kindergarten teacher, Christina Esh. I work with her class Tuesday through Thursday for two hours. I mostly help the kids with their letter sounds and words. This has been a great learning experience for me, as I do want to pursue a career in early education in the near future.

I’m at the school from 10:35-12:45, they focus more on their English when I’m there with them. My normal routine when I first get there is to help Mrs. Esh with things that she needs to get done for a lesson, like cutting laminated papers, putting scholastic books together, and even grading papers. I do this as she reads a book to the class. After the book, they normally move on to some classwork.  The classwork can either be about the book they just read or practicing writing words, I walk around and help students when they need it. The students have lunch from 11:30-12:00, this is personally one of my favorite parts of my days. I get one on one time with the students without doing school work, I enjoy talking to them about what their days are like outside of school.

For the remainder of the time after lunch, I help the kids get through their afternoon stations. I walk around and watch the kids work in partners for each station, I occasionally help the kids if they need help understanding the station work. I also have one on one time with one selected student, she has trouble paying attention so giving her separate time from the class to work on her skills is very useful for her. I help her with counting and pronouncing her high-frequency words for the week. I also help students by reviewing what they write in class to make sure that it makes sense both logically and grammatically.

This internship experience is extremely enjoyable. I am so excited that I have had this chance to work with a class of kindergarteners and a great teacher to help me to continue to consider the field of education in the near future. I learned a lot through this internship, whether it is in teaching one-on-one, to a large group, small group, instructing, or discipline. I will forever be thankful for having this opportunity.


jhackman • April 10, 2022

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