My New Glasses!


My New Glasses!     


Hey guys so I went to my eye doctors and they said I need glasses!  I  was OK with it but also didn’t know what to expect because I have never had glasses.  We looked at multiple frames and I finally picked 2 that I liked.  They had the same shape but different colors.  They both had black on the outside but 1 had a Purple Pink glasses on the inside. The other had a lighter Blue.  So I decided to go with the Purple Pink glasses.  They are bigger and they feel really comfortable.  


Here are some random facts about the glasses and why I got glasses.


  1. I’m only far-sighted in my left eye my right is fine.
  2. Because of that my left lense is my prescription my right is just normal glass.
  3. It’s Black on the outside and  Purple Pink  on the inside.
  4. They were supposed to call when they got them (I had to wait a week to get them made.), it was 9 days and we went and it was there!
  5. I got them from a Walmart.
  6. They came with something to clean the lenses with and a plain black case.
  7. I’m not supposed to wear them outside when playing and watching my tablet or TV.
  8. Last one, I’m supposed to wear sunglasses outside ( if not wearing these but, I also don’t have the transition on these glasses).


I wasn’t sure about wearing Glasses but they don’t bother me!

2 thoughts on “My New Glasses!

  1. Brookylnn,
    Hi! I am Kristin. I love your blog! I have glasses myself and trust me they are cool. But, you should clean them with your shirt once in a while. But, there is one thing I saw wrong in your blog. I saw that you said, ‘ and I finally picked 2 frames that I like.” My ELA teacher told me that any number less or equal ten. You should write it out. So, I should say “and I finally picked two frames that I like.” Just for future reference! (Sorry, I get picky when I comes to reading.) Come see my blog at
    Have a great day,

    • Hi Kristen. Thanks for saying that I should write the number out if it’s under ten. I’m also picky. Thanks for visiting.

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