My ExPeRiEnCe UsInG VR!!

I loved the VR because you could look all around and it was like you were there.  I saw trees and water.  I can’t wait to use VR again and this time go to a different place.  If you don’t know what VR is it’s basically just a little picture (or it can be a video but, this one was pictures.)

One thought on “My ExPeRiEnCe UsInG VR!!

  1. Hi Brook, it’s me Luckie and I think you should have put all the stuff you typed below the white page thing you should have been in what you should put in the white part, and because you’re sitting right next to me now I could show you in person basically and could tell you what I mean technically. Also can you visit my Padlets on my blog please? You also had good spelling for this too.

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